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Hudson Street Garage Update

hudson Garage meeting

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April 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Councilmen Ramon Hache on Wednesday, April 25, there will be a discussion and presentation regarding the design and plan for the Hudson Street Garage. The Village Council has concluded negotiations with various construction companies. The negotiations began in March, with the goal of selecting a final proposal that balances the best fit, value and functionality, while incorporating a design that fits within the existing lot. Designating the existing Hudson Street lot as an area in need of redevelopment in 2017, has allowed us the opportunity to negotiate directly with the construction companies, instead of simply accepting or rejecting bids. The Village Council will also be discussing and voting on a resolution to hire a financial adviser that will provide guidance on project financing options in addition to comprehensive financial analysis.

23 thoughts on “Hudson Street Garage Update

  1. Just build it already, or re-paved all the parking lots in the CBD. I’m at the Hudson Street lot right now and the place needs to be re-constructed. Thank you daily commuter shopper.
    Mr. Stryper

  2. Welcome to Fort Lee….!

  3. Fix is in ..therfore we vote these folks out..Garage is a Boondoggle taxpayers..surface lots left to rot…do you really think that this ugly dirty polluting nightmare will be maintained… location for crimes and drugs inc.

  4. Every garage plan loses at least $1,000,000 a year. Every study of downtown parking shows we don’t use what we have, we have more parking now than we need.
    Even if the garage is full every hour of everyday for 20 years, it loses money.
    If the garage rate is the same at the street meters, who will park in the garage?
    This is a huge mistake.
    It will hit your property taxes no matter what garage supporters hope will happen. It is unavoidable.

  5. If Knudson and Sedon are so great, why do they ignore the fact that most of us voted down a garage a few years ago?

    Just pave over the lot and end this nonsense. Save some money….a novel concept.

  6. Don’t vote the current council members out. I admit they have relied on studies that were taken years ago to show a need. Those studies were made on Paul’s watch. They were about as factual as the same group’s famous evaluation of the new apartments. We’ve taken a poll and everyone wants this garage. Also, we took a poll of the housing on the corner of Franklin Avenue and Broad and there were very few children there, so we know the new apartments will not cause many children to come into our school system. Did they check any of the multitude of garden apartments such as those on Oak? They’re loaded with children.

  7. So once again, our limited resources are going to be used to own and operate a business. This is not a good idea and one only has to look to other projects undertaken by the Village to get sense of its business capabilities. Baseball field bathrooms, town hall construction and BOE oversight are epic fails but for some reason, we are allowing another white elephant project to undermine the Villages finances. It’s not the council’s fault. We voted for each member of the council and now we will pay for their poor judgement. Interestingly enough, the interests who support a town garage will be the ones who pay a heavier price as their businesses fail. Congestion brought on by three major construction projects will redirect people and revenue away from our once, and never again, village charm.And to think we have the best politician that money can buy. A sad state of affairs it is if we let this happen….get off your ass and make your voices heard!

  8. 8:04 simple math never changes. The numbers are ugly, so hire another consultant to dress them up.
    Wait until the meter rates double or triple. That should teach p[people some basic math.

  9. 7:38… You can’t be serious. We have dilapidated and abandoned ugly unkempt buildings throughout the downtown and you are worried about a parking garage? I have not readed or heared of any crime or drugs in any of our downtown Dilapidated buildings why would you think a new parking garage would bring that Element ?

  10. A) don’t build a garage. B) If you think you have to build a garage, see point A. C) If you still want to build a garage, build it on Walnut St, incorporating the Town Garage property. A garage is simply shifting the responsibility of the CBD building owners (think Paul and Tony) and merchants to the village citizens.

  11. @8.31AM: Not only Knudsen/Sedon are not great but I would say they’re closer to mediocre in many issues. BUT, the risk that comes with having them replaced with Willett/Harwin is enormous. I’d rather put up with mediocrity than endure the torture of being governed by the Aronsohn crew.

  12. yeah. if you want drugs you have to go behind the NEW bank building…

  13. Drugs can no longer be gotten behind Starbucks? I guess a new garage and bus station would be great new locations for drug dealing then . . . but I did like getting a latte with my drugs.

  14. Once the garage is built, Amazon will no longer be relevant in Ridgewood and the downtown shops will prosper. Said no one ever.

  15. 1:02 is right Build it with roof overhead they shall come.crack pipes need
    dry overhead sheltering . new mega Garage Epic fail taxpayers and we will pay,,,

  16. Anybody who thinks voting out the incumbents will produce a smaller garage or no garage has not been reading the papers or blog or council meeting minutes for years. Harwin and Willett are willing to return to the voted-down version that encroaches upon Hudson Street. It would be MUCH WORSE if Susan and Mike were not reelected. And that would be only one of our major woes.

  17. Built it now.

  18. Parking garages = drugs? That’s a new one! Maybe we should start tearing them down?

  19. 10:36 pm – yes, parking garages do attract drug activities. Just do a quick little search and you can find the data yourself. It doesn’t mean you don’t build them but it DOES mean you have to provide more security in garages vs. open air parking.

  20. 9:16. your little search is you living on the internet for way to long. The empty dilapidated buildings that have been sitting around our town with no surveillance and security is a bigger threat for drug activity. Not a new garage with correct lighting and security.

  21. People that think amazon is going to kill retail to have no idea what you are talking about. Amazon yes is killing the big box stores but as you can see in the retail market everything is moving to small store footprints. All marketing shows small down town areas will grow with in the next 5 years.

    The whole drug comment is just a scare tactic. Look around town at all the empty buildings.

  22. 10:32 – no, the search was broad and had nothing Ridgewood specific in it. All garages, (municipa, mall, commuter) in general, have security issues INCLUDING DRUG ACTIVITY. Pay attention . . .. . .PLEASE!

  23. If you look hard enough you can find anything you want 12:39…
    But your information is false… wake up..

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