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I am voting for Jeffrey Voigt, Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh, and Ramon M. Hache they will exercise independent judgement in the best interest of Village residents

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To the Editor:

I was relieved when three members of our Village Council decided not to run for another term, hoping that we would finally see a change from the consistent voting bloc and divisiveness that has occurred for the past four years within the Council.  Now we have six new candidates, but three are already calling themselves “a team”.  Should we be encouraged to vote for them and endure another 4 years of sniping within our council? Are we continuing the pattern of “our side vs. theirs?”

I am voting for Jeffrey Voigt, Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh, and Ramon M. Hache.  They are NOT a team, but rather will exercise independent judgement always in the best interest of Village residents.  They probably will not agree on every issue, but they are dedicated to community engagement that allows residents a voice in their future.  And most critically, these candidates share the concerns of many Village residents that growth and progress be balanced with preserving the character, size and scale of our Village.

The election is May 10…every vote makes a difference!

Carrie Giordano

58 thoughts on “I am voting for Jeffrey Voigt, Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh, and Ramon M. Hache they will exercise independent judgement in the best interest of Village residents

  1. I’m with you!

  2. Very well written – thank you!!

  3. Here’s another way of looking at this election: It truly is your only hope.

  4. End the reign of Paulie V, vote for Hache, Voight and Walsh.

  5. How’s it working out for you all ? Still pleased?

  6. Hahaha Taxpayer, touche! Voigt turns out to have a tendancy towards violence, road rage, name calling, and vicious retribution. Walsh turns out to be a big fat zero, a space-filler on the dais. Hache is A-OK.

  7. @taxpayer, I feel dumb for putting these people signs on my lawn. I don’t even bother to follow VC meetings. I hope that just like the 3 amigos quit so does this trio. I actually would want all 5 of them quit permanently INCLUDING the clueless village manager. If nothing else just for the scandalous conditions of our streets. Shame to all of them. No more voting for the lesser evil.

  8. yes it would have been so much better to vote for the bigot crack pots aronsohn wannabes that ran against them

  9. We are way way WAY better off with these three than the three opponents. Voigt has been neutralized. And Bernadette is doing no harm.

  10. Define “WAY better off”? Our roads are third world, our CBD is a disaster, municipal property taxes are growing faster than 2%, and property values are stagnant at best. This Council has been self serving and focused on narrow interests. Clearing deadwood, brush, and building berms at Schedler takes precedent for taxpayer dollars over potholes throughout the Village. There is no accountability or transparency.

  11. James, sadly your nasty comments just prove this blog has become nothing more than an apologist mouthpiece for the incompetency and poor accountability of the current Council members over the past 4+ years. Why don’t you ever say anything negative about the incumbents? They aren’t improving the Village for all residents or acting as good stewards of our taxpayer dollars. They are a group of narrow interest, self-serving people. Get a backbone and call them out!!!!

  12. Yep, just another snarky, smarmy deflection. You’re just a mouthpiece for Knudsen, Sedon and Walsh. Let me guess, they’re only one of five right?

  13. like I said truth hurts, cry me a river

  14. James, you will never quit the rhetoric about the 3 amigos. You will keep blaming them even when cars are breaking in potholes, when people are raging about the CBD conditions, when train parking costs more than monthly property taxes, when we are limited to 2 irrigations/week and possibly going to 1 this coming summer and so on and so forth. 3 amigos have been gone for years. These 5 are a bunch of mediocres who don’t even make an effort to fix what what is blatantly obvious. I understand someone being burned out by a long tenure but these 5 have not been there for so long. The indifference is deafening. I imagine it would give me an amazing feeling listening to people and making them happy by solving their problems.

  15. like I said truth hurts, cry me a river, it will take decades to absorb the mess they created , meanwhile your suffer with lower property values

  16. This is a serious question. What exactly has the current council done to right the wrongs of the prior council?

  17. James won’t answer it. He’s become an apologist for the incumbent Council members. No transparency, no accountability. Someone on the Council obviously has something on him. It’s a shame, because this blog used to call out poor governance, self-interest, and incompetence. Now it’s just a mouth piece for these failures, and still blames people who left years ago. All James will say is “Cry me a River”. Sad.

  18. What has Republican Bernie done apart from voting for 4% annual property tax increases and running Valley out of town? She’s a tax & spend liberal, not a Republican. She’s just using the Council as a platform for her next campaign for higher office.

  19. your repeating yourself , its 2019

  20. James gave up being an independent, unbiased voice years ago. He blames people who left years ago and doesn’t ask for any accountability from current Council members. This blog is compromised.

  21. your repeating yourself , its 2019

  22. Unfortunately, we all thought that the new Council members would be a welcome change from the dictatorship that existed before their election. We actually had hopes that they would get a lawyer in (obviously not the lawyer we currently have. He seems to be a left over from the previous Council.)to put a stop or at least a reduction in the size and number of buildings downtown. We had hopes that he would fight against the School Board when they decided to sue the town to get their election periods to continue much past their time. We desperately need (even if is too late to help much.) a lawyer who cares about Ridgewood and is willing to fight for it instead of one who has not gone beyond the prior Council’s desires. Costs have increased mightily and the Library is being given funding even before they have collected a sufficient amount from their adoring public and/or the State. If anyone can give a single reason why the “bridal staircase” is not a pure luxury, I’d definitely like to hear it.

  23. Only an uneducated retarded simpleton would keep repeating “the truth hurts”

  24. i guess it does hurt

  25. Why didn’t you say it again. …..could it be that you can’t handle the truth? LOL

  26. I am with James on this one.

  27. James has been repeating the same “three amigos” garbage for three years. It’s 2019. Truth hurts. If this Council actually wanted to stop the overdevelopment and the Garage they could have hired a better Village lawyer and worked to stop it. Instead they’ve driven out Valley and done nothing to stop the high density projects. All the Council focuses on us spending our money on their pet projects. James doesn’t seem to care. Why is that?

  28. This blog obviously subscribes to the Trumpian theory: blame everyone else, and lie so often that the lies start sounding like the truth, or at least no one can keep up with them all. No transparency, no accountability. Can only mean someone is benefitting from supporting the Council and not calling them on anything?

  29. wait till no flush Friday

  30. Trump Derangement Syndrome

  31. This current council actually hired a lawyer to fight the citizens of Ridgewood’s lawsuit to stop the developments. Instead of siding with the citizens, they sided with the developers.
    So, no, they didn’t start the fire, that was the Aronson / Pucciarelli buffoon act. They may not have put gas on the fire either. But, they had a chance to stop the fire and refused to do so, leaving the citizen’s group, they helped get them elected, in the lurch.
    Not crying here, not a river and not a drop, but not happy with this council’s decision not to support its citizens. Not in the least.

  32. What will happen with all of the Valley properties? Marijuana grow sheds? Trampoline gyms? Assisted living apartments did the elderly & infirm? Why is nobody talking about this? And will we need as many cops & fire once Valley leaves? They spend a good chunk of time responding to disturbances and resetting fire alarms at Valley. What now?

  33. Oh for heaven’s sake, stop blaming James. He is unbiased. Look he allows postings that criticize and skewer him – clearly he is not controlling the message, or he would stop anything negative about himself. Some of you readers (and posters) of the Blog simply cannot accept that the Blog speaks the truth about how residents feel.

  34. I for one think the new Valley Hospital idea is great. That one was a win win for everybody. Valley can build as big as they want over there and it is virtually just as convenient in location. Why would anybody be upset by this? Valley and Ridgewood have been struggling for decades to find a solution. How does this reflect badly? Some of you people are just perpetually unhappy, there is no pleasing you.

  35. I am glad Valley is gone. Glad Aronsohn, Pucciarelli, Hauck and SONENFELD are gone. I wish Voigt was gone, but that will happen soon enough. He has been a huge disappointment, dare I say a massive shit stain on our community.

  36. Wow, still griping about people that left three years ago!!!! Cry me a river, it’s 2019!!! Give it a rest already. James never posts anything questioning the current Council apart from comments. Passive aggressive. Fact is, this Council actually hired a lawyer fought resident groups trying to stop high density development. They sided with the developers. But James and this blog will never tell you that. Because he is biased.

  37. Defending the 3 amigos who destroyed the Village and killed our property values for ever

  38. The disgusting bigots who ran against the current council are not fit to clean toilets at vets

  39. Aronsohn , puc and gwen proved they were not fit for public office

  40. James is NOT biased! He posts anything and everything. If he were biased, he certainly would not post comments that criticize him personally. Some people just do not like what the public is posting here. Tough shit.

  41. Who says the current council is never criticized on this blog??? People regularly go after that asshole Voigt. And people periodically go after Knudsen and Hache. The thing is, other than Voigt, this council is not that bad, and therefore not worthy of the constant stream of criticism that the Aronsohn brigade incited and deserved.

  42. Curious what lawyer you think did that?

  43. “This current council actually hired a lawyer to fight the citizens of Ridgewood’s lawsuit to stop the developments. Instead of siding with the citizens, they sided with the developers.”

    Say WHAT ? ? ?

    Please clarify.

  44. I repeat. This is a serious question. What exactly has the current council done to right the wrongs of the prior council?

  45. I do wish we could get clarification on the above citizen’s question. As far as I can see, none of the present council have done ANYTHING to try to repeal the actions of the previous Council. One of the things that should have been done first is to thank our present lawyer for his service and REPLACE HIM. Ignoring that basically means that the present council are all completely happy with the status quo and have happily furthered the horrible decisions of the prior Council. Too bad we cannot wipe out the total bloc at one time and start over with some people who actually show concern about the Village’s collapse and would try to keep it out of more disgusting decisions.

  46. Well they got rid of ruthless Roberta, the financial advisory committee, and the God forsaken CRAB. They got rid of the human resources position that Roberta created for her friend. They got historical status for schedler.

  47. Sounds like Knudsen’s wishlist, none of which benefit the majority of Village residents. The FAC should have been helpful in offering nonbinding, volunteer financial advice to the Council, most of whom gave no idea about budgeting, CBAs or property taxes. Unfortunately it wasn’t set up with the proper governance by the boneheaded Ahronson. Knudsen wanted it gone because she doesn’t like finance people digging in to her malfeasance in terms of using Village funds vis-a-vis her family interests. There are lots of talented finance people living in Ridgewood that could explain how to budget and stop wasting tax dollars on self-serving vanity projects like the berm at Schedler. We have third world roads in the CBD and parking lots, and that’s the Council’s priority? Seriously, WTF?

  48. FAC was worthless and a “self serving vanity project”

  49. Pj when are you going to stop posting BS from aronsohn ass kissers , send them back to hudson county already didnt they make enough of a mess ??

  50. Promoting FAC and the 3 sh$theads is that a joke FAC was a bunch of wannabe 3rd rate losers all the qualifided people left as soon as it turned into a 3 amigo a$$kiss group

  51. That’s it? They replaced Roberta, dissolved two committees, and funded a bullsh!t project. That’s it? What a joke.

  52. James, this blog is biased and reliving 2016. Get a grip, it’s 2019. The drivel from the thugs who’ve ruined Ridgewood is pathetic. Obviously Riche, Bernie, Knudsen, Lorie, the Lovings and friends… this cabal that actually votes in municipal elections has done more damage to Ridgewood than any group in history. If you were honest you would point out that this Council actually hired a lawyer to fight citizens groups opposed to high density development; and, they approved the garage. Shameless drivel!

  53. I’d say, “Have fun destroying Ridgewood”, but this Council is well on their way to doing that. What have they accomplished ? Pothole hell in the CBD which is full of gold pawn shops, insane overdevelopment and the garagezilla, all perpetuated by the current Council members who could have supported the citizens’s group opposing the high density development, but instead hired a lawyer to fight for the Village against them !!! Bigly hypocrisy. Why are we buying the Elks HQ and the toxic plume old Town Garage? Exposing ourselves as taxpayers to environmental remediation liabilities. Ridgewood Water black-hole of incompetence and outright theft of Village tax dollars? Why does Schedler take precedence over the potholes in the CBD? We’ll never get answers to these questions from the incumbent thugs and this sycophant blog. Bad, self-interested has hombres run this Village.

  54. James you’re clearly a Trumpian asshole

  55. Trump derangement Syndrome?

  56. cant wait for no flush Friday

  57. Blog is compromised. Giant infomercial for the smear campaign run by Knudsen et al to enrich their families and run their vanity projects at the expense of the rest of us. You won’t get the real story here, just drivel from James and the other compromised sychophants hell bent on colluding to destroy the Village of Ridgewood.

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