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I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

The HS library was “re-imagined ” a few years ago.

Library has stats on how many people use their facilities. They should do a survey by an impartial outside company. How many RESIDENTS use the library each month? Each year? How many RESIDENTS have not used the library in the last month, in the last year? Their current numbers seem high. I wonder if they counted people walking through the door, using the bathroom, attending a children’s piano recital, browsing, checking out material, returning material, using conference rooms …. I need to see the survey.

I do not know many people who go to the library anymore. I have access to an online University Library. I also have a Kindle. I have driven through the parking lot and found no spots available while attempting a visit to Village Hall.

I thought the Elks Club was for the water department.

10 thoughts on “I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

  1. What a ridiculous waste of space. Looks like the lobby of a concert hall. No. Just no.

  2. I went to one the recent forum. It seems the plans are set in stone and they are just showing them to us. Residents will have no say in this. Taj Majal here we come.

  3. The Library is a classic example of OPM (other peoples money).

  4. So the elks club property…is it now being taken over by the Library? Hello “performing arts center”, the EARLY and publicly-professed goal of the socially elite progressive lib dems of Ridgewood.

  5. Does it make sense that the Elk’s Club was purchased via the Ridgewood Water utility (100% owned by the Village) for $1.2 million, and now it will cost another $3 million to redevelop? When the original cost proposed by the Village Council majority was under $2 million? Given the likely change orders, and the fact this Village couldn’t manage running a lemonade stand, we’re talking $5+ million for a building to house 30 Ridgewood Water employees right in the CBD. One that doesn’t even have parking for their trucks. How does this make any sense to taxpayers when there so much empty Class A & B office space to lease in Bergen County? It only makes sense to a Council majority that has promised space in Village Hall to the police department… #ScamAlert 🚨

  6. I truly believe that the water department should be out of Village Hall. It’s a private entity it has nothing to do with the town it’s a utility. Water utility workers should have their own contract. And all the water department vehicles should not have MG plates on them. It’s a utility company. Private.

  7. Hotel lobby? Snack bar? Sample room for people trying to fight the feeling that the sky is falling? Entry in a dual Most Wasted Space/Most Hideous competition?


  8. Gut renovation of all bathrooms

    new high tech lights for bottom floor where there are no windows like in the Kids
    reading room.Do something for the hard workers staff i.e. a new break room for staff

  9. photo looks like the Macy’s food court incl the long staircases and upper floor skylights

    not appropriate for the site..we don’t have the money folks ..we need to cut bait not
    fish for new expenditures ..

  10. You are all forgetting the most important factor of the water utility even being a functioning entity in less than a year. Everyone knows once the pending litigation against said utility by our surrounding neighbors is finalized there won’t be any utility left after bankruptcy to occupy any building no matter where it is. MOOT POINT.

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