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Ice Cream by Mike a Great Addition to the Central Business District

August 8,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we checked out Ice Cream by Mike yesterday . Ice Cream by Mike offers a rotating selection of flavors crafted using the best possible ingredients like Valrhona chocolate and Tahitian vanilla beans. Mike uses only the finest fresh and when he can local ingredients .If you follow Mike’s social media you will see the current specials and you can signup to receive updates on limited edition releases! We tried the chocolate ,it was crazy good !



8 thoughts on “Ice Cream by Mike a Great Addition to the Central Business District

  1. James, you have a wonderful smile.

  2. Didn’t care for Mike’s. Will stick with Van Dykes but I wish them luck and success.

  3. Stopped by there on a Sunday afternoon. A family of four being served by one person. Another person standing at the register; she can’t help – she only takes the money. Got it. Wait while the family has milkshakes made until another person who was sitting near the window with someone gets up, goes behind the counter, adjusts the volume on the speaker and then returns to her friend. Thanks but I’ll enjoy ice cream somewhere else – somewhere where there’s parking available and where customer service is important.

  4. Looks yummy.

  5. I’m aware of 3 ice cream places in ‘Wood:

    1. Van Dykes
    2. Ben & Jerry’s
    3. Mike’s

    I’ve been to all three. They’re all good. (Is it possible to eat “bad” ice cream? I think not). Anyway, Van Dyke’s is an absolute zoo on weekends. Ben’s is very solid. I stopped at Mike’s last weekend and ordered the artisan Cookies & Cream. It was outstanding and I would definitely return there. Best of luck to Mike’s!

  6. My bike likes MIke.
    Unfortunately, I don’t.
    – A.F.

  7. There’s also Haagen Dazs and Maggie Moos! Complete the sampling tour and report back 🙂

  8. its a difficult job but somebody has to do it lol

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