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Idling Car Stolen on North Van Dien in Ridgewood

ridgewood police

file photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police report that Patrol units responded to 223 North Van Dien Avenue on a report of a stolen vehicle on December 31st. Upon arrival, the victim reported he left his 2013 Toyota Corolla in the parking lot unsecured with the motor running and when he returned a short time later the vehicle missing. A stolen vehicle report was taken and the vehicle entered into N.C.I.C. as a stolen vehicle.

We thought a reader was being sarcastic when they wrote this :

14 thoughts on “Idling Car Stolen on North Van Dien in Ridgewood

  1. Keys in car, car left unlocked and running? You got what you deserved. Insurance company should not ever pay on this one.

  2. Another dumb asshole.

  3. Former NYG coach Jim Fassel had this happen to him…not once but twice.

  4. What about the people That leave the car running when they pick up coffee in the morning. Any town around here In the morning you can have your in the morning you can have your packing picks on what kind of a car you would like.

  5. O well Someone needed a ride .

  6. Can someone tell me why some of the please cars have tinted windows. Just wondering thank you.

  7. What is a please car? Sounds kinky.

  8. Fassell, what does that have to do with anything? Are you a Giant hater?

  9. At least THIS CRIME WILL STOP once we build the GINORMOUS GARAGE

  10. Just curious… RW graduate?

  11. Our police has the solution to this. We have to remove cars so thefts won’t happen. Just like with the mailbox. Thieves are just innocent souls who we are tempting to commit crimes by leaving cars in our driveways, sometimes leaving cars unlocked and rarely with some valuables inside. Problem solved.

  12. We think we know what individual saying why are some police cars have 10 to windows that’s what Sam are curious about .

  13. Ding! Ding !Ding! Ding!
    Garage asshole has chimed !
    Lol gotta love the consistency!

  14. What .?

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