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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Mayor Susan Knudsen: Restoring Power to All Ridgewood Residents


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March 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village is working very closely with PSEG to restore power to all Ridgewood residents still without power. Most of our streets without power have been placed on the PSEG priority list. Power has been restored to many areas, still some of our homeowners are still in the dark. I’ve participated in several conference calls with PSEG, the most recent at 2pm, and I’ve been assured crews are in the Village and working to finish the restoration work. Crews are working throughout affected areas including the Hillcrest/Beechwood area where they are assessing damage.

The priority list includes the following areas: Hillcrest/Beachwood/Andover/Woodland, Highland/Mountain/Grandview/McKinley, Fairmount, Linwood, Doris, Libby. If I failed to mention a street it’s likely on the priority list; however, email me asap [email protected]

Thanks to everyone for alerting me when power comes back on line, doing so helps whittle down the list and helps expedite the process.
Please remember, posting on Facebook is helpful but official communications are much more effective. Kindly email any concerns to Mayor Knudsen [email protected], Village Manager [email protected], copy to Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon [email protected]

Over the past few days Village employees have worked around the clock. Emergency responders answered calls during the storm, and Parks Department workers continue to clear trees and opening roads to travel in the hours and days after. Ridgewood employees and emergency responders are working hard but are prohibited from working around downed power lines until PSE&G deems it safe.


**Generators have been placed at the Habernickel Gate House to avoid taxpayer funding of costly repairs resulting from frozen pipes, water heaters etc

17 thoughts on “IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Mayor Susan Knudsen: Restoring Power to All Ridgewood Residents

  1. “Generators have been placed at the Habernickel Gate House to avoid taxpayer funding of costly repairs resulting from frozen pipes, water heaters etc.”

    Huh? Really? How many “generators” were placed at the facility? Is the temperature in the house being kept at just above freezing, or is it business as usual for the Healthbarn people? Are Healthbarn’s classes being allowed to continue despite the road conditions in the area? Why wasn’t the water just drained so the pipes don’t freeze? A weak excuse at best Mayor.

  2. this blunder will result in the loss of many votes

  3. Are you all on drugs or are you going to claim “temporary insanity”? No responsible council member would ever conceive of more freebies for the Health Barn. 7:23 is, I hope, accurate. You have given away all but the village hall during your tenure. And buying the Elks building is another insanity. It seems you cannot think of things fast enough to wildly spend tax money on. And when we have a shortfall in all the pre-paid taxes… Even the famous quarter robber cost Ridgewood less than your daily expenditures.

  4. Why not just drain the water at Health Barn? It’s really, really easy to do and then you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes.. Seriously, just shit it doesn’t and cut the bs. Oh, yeah, you probably also don’t have to worry about the piles when outdoor temps are in the high 20′ 30’s and 40’s. Duh.

  5. Tone deaf. Not listening. But i can’t wait for the minions to attack anyway. One of them tried to throw her a lifeline on FB but she used the same canned lines there too. Bwahahahahah welcome to Killion 2018. May as well vote for the garage to seal your fate mayor.

  6. Like we told u ,

    A shit storm is in the making!!!!!

  7. Freezing on hillcrest. No PSE&G. Guess 21 or so families and tax payers don’t matter.

    Can the town put in s generator for me. My taxes sre just about what the health barns rent is

  8. No matter what I will be voting for Susan and mike. I am sticking with what I know and I know this crew is 1000 times better than the last!!

    It is a tough thankless job…is the generator and healthbarn a huge mistake…yes

    Did it get there because of past council…yes

    I still feel confident in Susan as our Mayor

  9. I am totally shocked out of my mind. I thought the Mayor would speak about warming centers in town for people without power who may need it. Especially seniors.

    Listen , excuse my French, but the council including the mayor and deputy mayor do not care a flying fuck about seniors who may be out of power. Not making sure there are warming stations mean they don’t give a fuck about you if you are not a business in town. They could ask the library, or make Village Hall for a warming station for those who may need it and then make the announcement. I would never vote for them again. Very disappointed. and shocked. at their disregard; they are all words and no action on many fronts.

  10. Well if there’s generate is there on my tax dime I will be there with my family to warm up , make some ( healthy chicken soup )

    Thanks the frozen’s

  11. Please! Please! Someone please run for council!!! At this time we have a choice of two of Paul’s choices and two totally lackadaisical, but nice and pleasant, high spenders. They waste as much money as the prior council and then some. As 8:44 said, we are shocked and disappointed. The present council rode in on white horses and are leaving in a garbage truck. The two up for re-election have served for 4 long years.They had plenty of time to think what changes they could make that would truly benefit the village while they served on the past council where they sat dumbly and let the steam roller keep on rolling. Now they act like flower girls, merrily sprinkling our money on various lost or illegal causes. They couldn’t stop the prior council and now it seems that they can’t come up with any answers to all the questions the residents are asking. Susan, that throw away line at the bottom of your PSE&G notice was obviously meant to be overlooked while the residents worried about power. In case you haven’t noticed, except for a few short very cold days when they could probably have used the generator, it’s been well above freezing and pipes are fine. They were losing paying customers and needed a warm place to sleep. (again not allowed in the lease). You are obviously convinced that most Ridgewood residents are too busy to notice your total lack of effectiveness. As long as you smile sweetly and get in as many pictures and new articles as you can to keep your name and wonderful presence in front of people, no body except a few–to you incredibly stupid residents–will even notice what you are doing and what you are not doing. You’re not worried about reelection because everything you’ve done against residents’ opinions has been hidden throughout the budget. You despise Jeff because he is actually trying to do something. Not what the majority of the residents want, but at least he’s trying. I’m afraid that I can’t say that about you.

  12. What efforts have been made by the town since Hurricane Sandy to establish and publicize centers for residents during weather emergencies? That was late October 2012: nearly 5 1/2 years! (Last time I had to go to a school in Ho-Ho-Kus.) The two likeliest prospects, Village Hall and the library, are in a floodplain. Maybe elsewhere on higher ground. ???? But SOMETHING, please.

  13. What efforts have our emergency staff made since Hurricane Sandy to establish and publicize centers for residents during weather emergencies? Sandy blew by in late October 2012. I found electricity at a school in Ho-Ho-Kus with a truck-size generator in the parking lot and wondered why my own town had done nothing. That was nearly 5 1/2 years ago–enough time to put a plan in place. The two likeliest prospects for a warming center, Village Hall and the library, are in a floodplain. Maybe elsewhere on higher ground? But SOMETHING, please, and soon. Come on, council and village manager. More weather emergencies are surely coming.

  14. 11:10, The library is a pretty good /easy option. In all the floods the library has had only incidental damage and no water inside the building. After Sandy the discussion was that we needed to have locations on each side of HoHoKus Brook in case the water cut the village in half. Both middle schools were discussed briefly and dropped for reasons unknown — though it would have been problematic to have them as support locations on Friday when lots of lights were out around town but the schools were open.

  15. They haven’t done jack shit. They’re all full of shit and we are sick of it. Time to clean house right from the top these people should resign immediately they cannot handle the job it’s proven over and over again. Mayor council and top managers time to clean house you people out , The people are professional liars get out now.

  16. Still sticking with Susan and Mike. I have had personal interaction with the 3 amigos and would never in a million years support anyone who they support.

    Our council now may seem weak but I will take that any day over what could happen if they do not win!!!!

    Be careful what you wish for. In this case change can be very scary…just like the past council was

  17. Those of us who find our present council a pathetic attempt to fool the people do not want the prior council or anyone they support. They did take action on many things, and none of them for the good of the town or it’s residents. However, is our Dudley do Nothing council what you want to see continued? ” There are more sins created through the sin of omission than are ever created by the sin of commission!” Our present council has attempted to commission several massive money losing things i.e. the Valet parking, the metered parking fiasco, apps for the phone so you can compare your water bill, marking parking places solely for employee use without doing anything at all about making sure the employees actually USE that parking instead of in front of their stores, buying snowflakes for the downtown. ETC. ETC. ETC. (as the King of Siam said.) Talk to your friends. Try to find someone with the needed skills and ability to run. It’s a thankless, time consuming job, and the insults are many so getting someone with the abilities we so desperately need will be hard to do. But without such a person, Ridgewood as a community will cease to exist.

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