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In Bi Partisian Move Bergen County Freeholders approve Resolution in Opposition of Common Core…….


In Bi Partisian Move Bergen County Freeholders approve Resolution in Opposition of Common Core.……
Tue, 17 Sep 2013
by Susan

Tonight the Bergen County Freeholders unanimously and with great enthusiasm passed the Resolution in Opposition of Common Core Standards and Assessments!

I have never seen them act with such determination, vigor and unanimity.  Each one added their reason why it is destroying the education of our students. Freeholdesr Voss and Mitchell sponsored the resolution and it was approved by the body of the whole.  Chairman Ganz wanted each member to have a chance to voice their opinions.

This was Democracy at it’s finest at work! Comments included:
We must teach Students to be critical thinkers; stimulate them and teach them how to think.
Common Core is brainwashing! Stimulate them and find ways of learning.
Worst thing that can happen to kids in the US and NJ
The tests are for funding,  Education today is not what it was.  We must go back to where teachers can teach!
It violates our rights vis a vis Family data.
Teacher evaluations are taking priority now.  Individualize the tests, What is the ruse?
We must do what is best for the students and educators.
Unconstitutionality of Common Core
Dumbing down our children
Cookie cutter approach
We should find the gift in each student
Our children are less and less prepared for college and life
Make education a priority
Support our teachers and out schools
Do it State by State.

The enthusiasm was unbelievable  They were excited by the fact that they were all working together on this.  They believe that they have set an example for others. They agreed that Common Core is not for our children and schools!

This was 100% bi partisan 4 Democrats, 3 Republicans! It was a very exciting meeting and an example of how great things can be accomplished when We The People work together.





SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

WHEREAS, the Board of Chosen Freeholders believes that the Common Core State Standards initiative is not representative of Bergen County’s residents but rather developed by non-governmental organizations and unelected boards outside of Bergen County.

WHEREAS, the Common Core is financed by private foundation funds and is therefore influenced by private interest and not representative of our voters.

WHEREAS, the Common Core violates privacy laws by requiring storage and sharing of private student and family data without individuals consent.

WHEREAS, the New Jersey Education Association urges the State to “slow down a headlong rush to over-rely on student test scores to evaluate teachers in New Jersey”.

WHEREAS, the Common Core has been repudiated by both Republicans and Democrats and it has been stated that curriculum reform should be done at the state level.

WHEREAS, the Common Core violates Constitutional and Federal Law by granting the United States powers which the Constitution reserves for the States, or to the people.

WHEREAS, the New Jersey General Assembly and New Jersey Senate have introduced legislation to further investigate the principals of The Common Core Initiative, and that The Bergen Board of Chosen Freeholders fully supports the passage of *A4197 and *S2973.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders opposes The Common Core Initiative; asks Congress and the Administration to withdraw support and discontinue funding The Common Core Standards Initiative.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution shall be delivered to Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Jeffrey Chiesa, Governor Chris Christie, Congressman William Pascrell, Congressman Albio Sires, Congressman Scott Garrett, and the entire State Legislative Delegation from Bergen County.



2 thoughts on “In Bi Partisian Move Bergen County Freeholders approve Resolution in Opposition of Common Core…….

  1. …but RWBOE is implementing it full bore,

  2. This is brilliant. What a boost in fighting Common Core. Great news!

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