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Is it Time for a “No-Knock ” in the Village of Ridgewood ?

Ridgewood Police quickly apprehended alleged shoplifter

file photo by Boyd Loving

March 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, after the recent spat what the Ridgewood Police Department called, “diversion burglaries” .A diversion burglary is when someone posing as a utility worker or chimney inspector or repairer comes to your door and while you are distracted speaking with them or when they request you take them to a distant part of the home, an accomplice enters and burglarizes your home.Readers say it time for a Village no-knock ordinance .

“More door knockers this week. Maybe a time for an ordinance change?”

Other posters agreed , “I have requested a no-knock ordinance for years and years. Time to end it. Sorry, Scouts. Of course, utilities wouldn’t be banned anyway. Just never open the door. I don’t even ask “who is it?” any more.”

7 thoughts on “Is it Time for a “No-Knock ” in the Village of Ridgewood ?

  1. Do not open the door unless you know who it is. As for no knock maybe it is time to put this up for discussion.

  2. umm none of those actually occurred in Ridgewood. Again, if you want to live in a 55 and older community or in Saddle River move there. This is a community. People knocking on your door is not that inconvenient. If you cant deal with answering your door then move somewhere else.

  3. If I do not recognize the person at the door I do not answer.

    I would not let a stranger in. I do have qualms about PSE&G. They have ID but how would I know if it was a fake?

    With kids it is hard. I love Girl Scout cookies and the Pointsetta sale by the high school band.

  4. Had an obnoxious door knocker other day mid afternoon from some electric company. Fast talker, when questioned, claims I should have received something in the mail, and that Gov. Christie had a mandate, but didn’t say what. She had no issued I.D. on her, when asked, claimed her company resgistered with the RWD PD, didn’t need I.D. and she’s not soliciting nor selling. Suspicious, either a fraud or a scam, closed the door. Usually I look out first, but it was time when kids get out of school. Continued making her way texting with cell phone up the street to try other houses. ..Checked with the PD -they had no record of that named company cleared for soliciting…So how safe is it that anyone decides to door knock elementary neighborhoods without a valid reason or I.D. ?

  5. Sorry 1:01, the solicitors are getting way too pushy. Fix your roof? (don’t worry, we’ll get your insurance to pay for storm damage). Pave your driveway cheap? We have a crew in the neighborhood. Your lawn looks terrible but we can help ( dude, it’s covered in snow). Do you want to sell your house? I work with many buyers. Yada yada. A simple peddler’s license and a ‘no soliciting’ sign ordinance will go a long way.

  6. The door knockers of today aren’t the Fuller brush salesman or Avon lady of friendly days past that everbody knew who they were and trusted. Instead, times of today unleash an array of strangers we don’t know, some are from commercial named companies marketing door to door with seasonal help, to get your business for window replacements, lawn pesticides, house pesticides, home improvements, painters, driveway sealers, and much more. Some may not be known companies, and may just be drive thru’s looking to pick up a buck or scam you. Some ring the bell, then bang away on the door! We all read plenty of those scam artists warnings.

    ..We get plenty of mail marketing that advertises almost everything a homeowner might need. Easy access to online has made it more convenient to choose companies and request estimates by appointment and its sensible. We need to change with the times. No more door knockers.

  7. Hey 1:01 move back to NYC

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