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ISIS in New Jersey: How big a threat?



Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh

Is there an ISIS wannabe living near you?

On some level, the answer is immaterial to the Islamic State and other terror groups like them, terrorism experts say.

Fear is the coin of their realm. So regardless of the reality, the mere perception that there are many other Americans like former Neptune resident Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh lurking in the shadows helps further their cause.

“You know that expression, ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity,’ ” said Robert J. Louden, director of the homeland security program at Georgian Court University, Lakewood. “Because even bad publicity brings your name to someone’s attention.” (Mullen/Asbury Park Press)

One thought on “ISIS in New Jersey: How big a threat?

  1. This is a real problem thanks to the foolish liberal laws that allow illegals to have “anchor babies”.
    Example; non U.S. citizen foreigner chooses to have a child here, who by birthright gets a U.S. passport and all benefits of U.S. citizenship . Mother then takes baby home, and raises “it” overseas, perhaps In a radical Muslim community.
    At a later age, this us born terrorist returns here LEGALLY with its U.S. passport and commits a terrorist act.
    It’s a reality of what we are up against because of the liberals who favor these “undocumented democrats” who come here and drop their “anchor babies “.

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