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“It’s snowing, the roads are terrible, stay home. Thank you!”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Midland Park  NJ, our neighbor to the north , Midland Park is the home of the best snow storm quote for the Blizzard of 2018 . From the Midland Park Police Department’s Facebook page, that’s says it all  :

Midland Park Police Department
November 15 at 5:21 PM ·
Traffic Advisory….
It’s snowing, the roads are terrible, stay home. Thank you!

10 thoughts on ““It’s snowing, the roads are terrible, stay home. Thank you!”

  1. Pj i agree best comment

  2. Kinda says it all

  3. Yes that’s the problem so many people on the road can’t even drive. It’s amazing how many cars are abandoned on the side the road. You fools check your tires.

  4. Can you pansies stop saying ” Blizzard of 2018″.
    You look ridiculous.
    It was just a few inches of snow and an inept municipal response.
    The snow is not even here anymore.
    How many “BLIZZARDS!!” have all traces of snow disappear within 48 hours?

  5. There was a serious combination of cold roads powdery snow then hail and freezing rain..even the slightest upgrade hill with all cars front wheel drives with heavy engines up front spun and slid backwards..a perfect storm without pre treated roads.We actually needed sand trucks
    a trick from the sanitation trucks in nyc many decades back .

  6. Dying to go back to the drawing board. DUh, It’s called preparing.

  7. Yes, and there was NONE of that – PREPARING… all

  8. Midland Park is our neighbor to the west. Not the north.

  9. Plows pushed the leafs piles leaving them along curbs and driveways, Area C – second pickup was not done, Grove St area, So. Pleasant, So.Van Dien. etc. now rescheduled to the third pickup after Dec.9. (the revised is the original date)
    Update on Village website:

    Due to recent weather events the LEAF PLACEMENT DATES for the following areas will be adjusted in order to give ample opportunity for leaf clean up.

    Area D Revised Leaf Placement Dates: Nov. 13 – Nov. 25 (second pick-up)

    Area A Revised Leaf Placement Dates: Nov. 23 – December 2 (third pick-up)

    Area C Revised Leaf Placement Dates: Nov. 29 – December 9 (third pick-up)

  10. Poor planning on management. I’ve been in town for over 40 years and the lead program is getting worse every year. This is all because lack of manpower. That department of public works at one time at 28 to 30 employees. Now they are down to eight. And yet my taxes keep on going up. And don’t give me any bullshit story that all the moneys going to the Board of Education. The police department &fire department are at full capacity with employees. The management should be embarrassed. This town is a disgrace .Not to mention a mess. And possible of more snow coming. Just great planning.

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