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Joe Piscopo laughs off reports of Russian hacking


BY JUDY KURTZ – 03/23/17 05:32 PM EDT

Joe Piscopo, currently mulling a New Jersey gubernatorial bid, is laughing off reports of Russian-backed hacking during the 2016 elections, calling them “comical.”

“It’s a ruse. It’s a joke. They got nothing. The Russia thing is comical because it won’t go away,” the “Saturday Night Live” alum told Mediaite on Thursday when asked what he makes “of all this Russia business.”

“I ask this with respect, with respect to the Russian theorists — you talk about conspiracy theories, I mean, this is what this is — did the Russians come to my county in Jersey in the middle of nowhere and did they hack into my mechanical voting both so when I switched — I voted for somebody, they switched my vote?” Piscopo told the site.

Piscopo has repeatedly floated running for governor of New Jersey as a Republican. With a filing deadline looming, he now says he’s “more serious” about running as an independent.

The 65-year-old comedian and radio show host said, “I mean, get to the — there’s no way they could hack it! If they hacked into the Democratic Party, if indeed they did, who cares? They think, like, the voters are dumb.”

5 thoughts on “Joe Piscopo laughs off reports of Russian hacking

  1. What an idiot. No one is saying that Russians hacked into machines and changed votes.

    He might be willfully ignorant enough to run for the presidency. It worked for trump.

  2. He’s got my vote!

  3. He’s ridiculing the whole notion of Russian influence on our system of elections. Fighting the Alynskyites fire with fire. It’s the only way we have to snuff out the Russian election theft myth in its crib.

  4. We don’t need another ignorant white man with no government experience.

    Look at the loser in the WH.

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