March 19, 2018

the staff  of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood JOLT is being accused of hijacking the “student led” protests with the help of a sympathetic school administration and principle Tom Gorman .  The new poster boy for the group is Laurence Fine who is 14. He finished eight grade at the Solomon Schechter of Westchester and is entering ninth grade at Ridgewood High School, where he will be on the cross-country team.

He runs a politically themed Instagram account, @Democrats_for_2020, which doesn’t mention his age or name, and bills itself as “This liberal news feed supports Democrats for 2020 and resisting GOP agenda. Together, we can take back the House, Senate, and presidency!” He was instrumental in getting Alexandra Harwin to speak at the school and rounded up many kids to help on her campaign.

Ridgewood JOLT according to there Facebook page is a community organization activating citizens to JOIN ORGANIZE LEAD and TEACH. Our mission is to protect and fight for our democracy through active participation in upcoming elections, monitoring and acting on legislative activity, educating ourselves and others as to our rights and our laws, and using the power of our purse to affect change and require accountability from corporations dependent on our economic participation.

They are the same people looking to push the anti conceal and carry  the , “Oppose Legislation for H.R. 38 and S. 446 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 ” .

The fact is it is another far left organization looking to get Paul Aronsohn and his group of unloved misfits back into control of the Village of Ridgewood and continue the job of destroying the town for profit that they started.