photo Soviet Purge

March 21,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the JOLT Facebook group begins purge of non conforming ideology in order to maintain intellectually purity. Reader explained , “The JOLT kicked Laurie Bender out because she asked a question of former councilman Hauck. That’s all I need to know about the JOLT. Laurie Bender is worth 1,000 of Gwenn Hauck”

Its seems you must be in 100% compliance with the JOLT promoted doctrine .

Laurie Bender on Facebook commented , “As a former member of Ridgewood Jolt, I am all for the causes they represent. However, if they are going to exploit having the ear of a section of our community in order to cast doubt on our current VC by publishing biased remarks and misinformation in contemplation of our local elections, I will call that out.

My views on topics of the current national discourse are beyond liberal, but that has nothing…ZERO…to do with our local nonpartisan government. And trying to interject those topics into that discussion in the context of upcoming elections is about as disingenuous as can be.

When a page administrator allows a former VC member to criticize the current VC on her page, that she describes as “issue based” with its “main focus on issues of national importance,” while censoring any rebuttal, she is indeed complicit with an attempt to tie divisive state and national politics in with our local nonpartisan government as we approach a local election.

I am posting here with the purpose of urging my fellow residents not to allow yourselves to be exploited. Certain members of our community are attempting to connect our current incumbents with a very false narrative that I have seen repeated by at least one of those challenging for a seat on the VC. The other challenger openly admitted to me her alignment with at least one of those people when she prepared to run in the previous VC election.

We have a NONPARTISAN local government. Please do not fall for any attempt make connections with and exploit your feelings on current matters that are indeed very important, but not part of the job our local officials are charged with. Please do not reward partisan style smear campaigns with your votes.”