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Josh Gottheimer and Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey

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New Jersey’s career politicians, like the Clinton Speech writer Gottheimer and out of touch elitist Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey, the grotesquely high taxes it squeezes out of its very own citizens. They want to deflect the blame to D.C. and take the voter’s attention off their fellow Democrats. My friends, the citizens of New Jersey are not that stupid, our people want the politicians to cut the ever ballooning taxes that plague our state.

What needs to be done requires strength, intelligence and an uncompromising will to reduce spending in this state. It requires the leadership that will reverse this state’s anti-business climate to increase the tax base while reducing the tax burden. Sadly, I do not see any of this in Trenton. I see the grandstanding we are all accustomed to, not the leadership we so desperately need.

Gottheimer, who faces a challenge this November, may have gotten this idea from his former employers, the Clintons. Maybe his next suggestion is to have the Clinton foundation administer the charity.

The municipal, county and state officials should do what taxpayers want them to really do — cut taxes, cut spending — not come up with tax loopholes that either won’t pass muster or won’t be sustainable.

Gottheimer said, “The tax hike bill Congress passed last year is a ticking time bomb for New Jersey,” we are proudly declaring that New Jersey won’t shy from a fight. We won’t be America’s piggy bank.” I say to him, I no longer want to be Trenton’s piggy bank and the only ticking time bomb you need to worry about is the mad as hell citizens that want real tax reductions, not a pass the potato blame game.

“This is not partisan,” Mr. Murphy said. “This is a smart versus not smart.” I say, this is lazy and opportunist verses hard diligent work and tenacity. New Jersey is done with tricks and gimmicks, bring us change or resign! Pension reform, re-working the school funding formulas and instituting a pro-business environment is needed now.

Joseph Caruso
Your Friendly Neighborhood Taxpayer

Organization For Economic Growth

8 thoughts on “Josh Gottheimer and Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey

  1. My friends, the citizens of New Jersey ARE that stupid.

  2. Ye, yes they are.

  3. This is how incredibly stupid you people are.
    You liberal gits are getting EXACTLY what you deserve.

  4. Hey Phil,

    Still waiting for my free Obama phone and free housing.

    Let someone else pay for it, it’s cool.

  5. I concur with above two posters. Look at the Ridgewood residents who voted for Gottheimer. His ‘tax cut’ campaign pledge was to cut corporate taxes, which the just passed tax plan did – but he voted against it. Go figure!

  6. 11.08. The liberals you refer to really do not care when they’re being screwed as long as they the get the feeling that they “won”. You will never hear them complain, they are the typical hardcore communists for whom “party above all”. Communists in the old eastern block would sacrifice their children and family if they dared to say or think anything out of the party ideology. I have seen people gone to prison for a long time for just saying “these potatoes are rotten” or “we don’t get enough meat”. Fast forward to today’s reality people get sued and punished for calling a woman looking person “a woman” when in fact that woman feels she is a man, it’s already happening.

  7. It’s not complicated: Those with the means will just leave the state. Those without the means will have to stay. The new class of remaining top earners will bear the brunt of the taxes, until they get fed up and just leave the state. And so on and so on until, drum roll please, they run out of other people’s money. But yes! Joshie and GS limousine liberal Phil have a plan to fix that. Sure. I’ll be watching for that…. from South Carolina.

  8. 10:25 enjoy South Carolina. Just don’t tell any liberals how much you enjoy it, because if they move there they will also vote there.

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