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Kean Bill Creating ‘Gateway Development Corporation’ to Build New Rail Tunnels to Manhattan


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Trenton NJ, Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean’s bipartisan legislation to establish the ‘Gateway Development Corporation’ has been signed into law. The commission will oversee planning, funding and construction of new rail tunnels and other projects that will double trans-Hudson rail capacity and provide one-seat rides to Manhattan on all NJ Transit lines.

“Constructing the Gateway Tunnel is critical to serving the growing number of New Jersey commuters, as well as creating jobs and securing long-term economic growth,” said Kean (R-21). “The Gateway Program will increase NJ Transit rail capacity to and from New York Penn Station by 70,000 riders a day and enable NJ Transit to provide direct one-seat rides to Manhattan, including on the Raritan Valley Line. I will continue to be a vocal advocate to ensure New Jerseyans have a dependable, affordable, and safe mass-transit service.”

Senator Kean’s legislation, S-3918/A-5570 represents a compromise between legislative and gubernatorial representatives of New Jersey and New York to create the Gateway Development Commission and secure government grants and loans to finance the proposed Gateway rail tunnels under the Hudson River.

Under the agreement, New Jersey and New York will each pay for half of the funding for construction of the new tunnel, reconstruction of the Portal Bridge, and the Hudson Yards projects.

The Gateway Program, previously called the Gateway Project, is the planned expansion of Northeast Corridor rail line between Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station. The Northeast Corridor is the most heavily used passenger rail line in the entire country, with more than 2,000 trains per day carrying over 800,000 daily riders across eight states and Washington D.C, 200,000 of which utilize the 10-mile stretch of rail line between Newark and New York City.

In 2010, the Access to the Region’s Core (ARC), the predecessor project of Gateway, was cancelled due to escalating project costs. Under the terms of the prior agreement, New Jersey taxpayers would have been stuck with the full cost of any overruns. Furthermore, ARC would have brought commuters to a new station far from New York Penn and other transportation options.

“The launching of the Gateway Program represents a fair and equitable split of project costs between New Jersey and New York,” Kean added. “I commend my fellow legislators on the other side of the aisle as well as on the other side of the Hudson for reaching this critical point. I look forward to the historic day when the new tunnels open, ensuring reliable trans-Hudson transportation for decades to come.”

5 thoughts on “Kean Bill Creating ‘Gateway Development Corporation’ to Build New Rail Tunnels to Manhattan

  1. New Jersey pay for half. That means taxes go up. Right away. gotta get outta joisey.

    Taxes will go up while tunnel is being built, but building delays will mean that tunnel won’t be built for another 30 years at best and taxes will go higher and higher.
    And there will be delays for all sorts of reasons.
    If federal govt. doesn’t pitch in with money , and Trump doesn’t want to, then project should be canceled until feds want to pitch in as was originally proposed.

  2. If Christie hadn’t canceled the project to funnel the money elsewhere, the new tunnel would be in service today. It was one of the first things he did as governor and one of the worst.

  3. the tunnel to Macy’s basement money was not funneled anywhere just less tax increases passed on to nj residents who were paying for the whole thing, and no it would not be finished ,just look at the mall in the meadowlands

  4. James, I really do not understand how there could be less tax increases.

    Trump said he doesn’t want federal govt. to contribute as was the democrats idea and presumable Hillary would have funded for it. Partially that is, a big part.

    My feeling is unless feds contribute because it affects such a high percentage of U.S. workers, I don’t think NJ and NY should split, because again, NJ taxpayers will have to have tax raises. There is no NJ money set aside waiting for the go ahead on the Gateway. There is no NJ money set aside for anything except maybe a natural disaster, like a hurricane etc.

  5. the tunnel to Macys basement was cancelled way before Trump , the Feds think both NY and NJ are totally incompetent , ie the meadowland mall (Xanadu )

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