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Knudsen-Sedon stooge speaks

Mayor Susan Knudsen

“Mrs. Valdes,” thank you so much for inviting me into the conversation. I am one of what you called “the 2 Knudsen-Sedon stooges.”.
I was invited to a coffee at a neighbor’s home for Ms. Harwin by a friend who received an invitation via email. Thank you for documenting the discomfort I experienced when one particular individual there accused me of recording Ms. Harwin’s remarks. It was certainly an odd accusation at a candidate’s coffee and your calling me a “stooge” now certainly punctuates how unwelcome certain people sought to make my friend and I feel there.
I did not record anything. And I didn’t realize that Ms. Harwin’s remarks were a secret, nor did I realize that attendance at her coffees was restricted. Really, her remarks were brief and contentless enough to remember, as she left rather abruptly, well before any of the residents who came to hear her and speak with her.
As a longtime member of the temple where Ms. Harwin’s husband is currently the rabbi, I looked forward to hearing firsthand what she had to say, and perhaps introduce myself and have the opportunity to speak one on one with her about some of the items from her website. My host and hostess for the evening were very welcoming. In fact, my friend (the other “stooge”) and I stayed there chatting with them and others for over an hour after Ms. Harwin left. I made a few new friends there, including my hostess and host, and am looking forward to seeing them at Mayor Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Sedon’s future coffees. These are supposed to be opportunities to meet candidates, hear what they have to say, and ask questions, not secret campaign strategy sessions.
I tried to speak with Ms. Harwin before she left, but she seemed to be avoiding me. I stood there patiently while she kept turning or walking away. Finally, when I asked if there was some other time we could speak, she suggested I contact her husband through the temple. While I have no problem doing that, I came there to speak with a Village Council candidate who apparently does not want to speak with me.
I attended a coffee for Mayor Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Sedon yesterday. What a contrast. A wealth of information and every single question raised was answered. I was one of the last to leave and the candidates were still there. You should go to one. I’m sure you will be made to feel welcome. And there is so much to be learned there about what is going on in the Village, the challenges we face, and how our municipal government is addressing those challenges.

4 thoughts on “Knudsen-Sedon stooge speaks

  1. Harwin is not a candidate. Aronsohn is, and he is hiding behind her skirts. What a mistake it would be to elect her.

  2. No photo credit?

  3. Is that the flag Rurik gave her at a council meeting? Probably is, and that’s the difference between her and other candidates. Voting for Knutsen!!

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