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Law Enforcement Considers Drug Sniffing Rabbit

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, the Paramus Police Department is considering a drug sniffing rabbit to add to their crime fighting arsenal .

The Police department seems to be taking a wait and see attitude on Facebook ,”We are waiting to see how this works out”

“Waterford Township Police Department (NJ) is at Rabbit Narcotics Training
Rabbit Town, MD

Welcome to the Force, Thumper!!

Waterford Police Department has deployed a new high tech crime fighting tool in preparation for the future possibility of Marijuana legalization in NJ.
Meet our newest addition(Thumper), our drug sniffing rabbit. He is able to hop right into vehicles and find drugs quickly. He can get in tight spaces that our K-9 can’t also. Rabbits have been proven to be a very successful tool in the fight against drugs with other law enforcement agencies so we decided to try it out. “

3 thoughts on “Law Enforcement Considers Drug Sniffing Rabbit

  1. Is this a day late April Fools story or is it an Easter thing??

  2. Hey if it works use it.

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