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Lights on Nobody Home

photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, last night as flood waters carried toxic crumb rubber particles off the RHS stadium field ,we noticed something very disturbing , once again the stadium lights were on when no athletic activity taking place .

This is not the first time or the second time , so as a gentle reminder,because some people in town grew up in a barn ,turn the lights off when the fields are not in use .

With a $111,000,000 school budget this open disdain and a slap in the face for taxpayers, as well as being both rude and obnoxious . It is also irresponsible and wasteful .

It is also monumentally hypocritical given the promotion of pseudo sciences like “global warming ” and other faux environmentalism.

5 thoughts on “Lights on Nobody Home

  1. Some kids left on probably after a late jog.

  2. “…once again the stadium lights were on with athletic activity taking place .” Shouldn’t this say with NO activity taking place?

  3. Thankfully the water will recede and games will get played this weekend. Had this been grass, it would be out of commission for weeks and an outdoor graduation would be in jeopardy.

  4. Doesn’t the poster have more important things to whine about?

  5. Who gives two shits about the graduation. These kids better start working with hands.Can you imagine if we had a world war ever broke out and there is a draft oh boy.

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