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Like every good thing, the end of Radicchio Pasta and Risotto Co. is also here

April 16,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, very sad news ,Radicchio Pasta and Risotto Co., announces its closing, “Like every good thing, the end of Radicchio Pasta and Risotto Co. is also here. We tried our best (for more then a year) but, unfortunately couldn’t make it ! We will be closing our doors after dinner service on Sunday the 22nd. Chef Danny would like to thank everyone for their continued love and support over the years. Chef would continue running Radicchio as a pop up, catering to private events and pop up’s. Please feel free to contact him or Alondra if you wish to have them cater to your future events. They can be reached via the Facebook Page or email, [email protected] or [email protected]. Until next time, thanks again and see you soon. @radicchiopastaandrisotto  ”


7 thoughts on “Like every good thing, the end of Radicchio Pasta and Risotto Co. is also here

  1. How much rent was some greedy landlord charging them? How any store can make it on current rents is beyond me. I hope the council does as they are considering and levies a monthly fee on the owners of all empty stores in town.

  2. The landlord was very helpful to them.

  3. Levy fee on an empty store.
    There already is one, its called property taxes.

  4. Wild Ginger is also closing. What’s going on? I don’t understand why an owner would prefer to have an empty store with no rent as opposed to one with a reasonable rent! It’s like new businesses are killing for a space in Ridgewood.

  5. NO Need for Hanger Balloon Garazilla

    oh unless it’s really for the Flotilla of garden apartments and stacked condos..that are being set upon a village in need of all new roadways.

    school budgets out of control …800 K for Windows for 10 months of activity on cottage Boe admin building..Day of wreckoning ahead.

    moving vans warming up for the exodus.No one gives a crap.

  6. I don’t know how any restaurant or business can survive in the village with that kind of rent to pay every month. Especially stores when you can buy everything online and have it sent right to you gift wrapped no parking fees no parking looking for space.

  7. Not only are the rents high, the restaurants have to pay a sewer fee, most have a triple net lease. The owners are hit with the high taxes as is everyone. The school budget is out of control and we as taxpayers are not allow a say in the budget. It is truly a sad time for our central business district.

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