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Local Underdog Puts in Valiant Effort for United States Soccer Federation President Election

Courtesy of Michael Winograd

February 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Saturday was a big day for the future of American soccer and the United States Soccer Federation. Yesterday the federation selected its next president at its Annual General Meeting in Orlando, bringing an end to an a very public campaign process that has seen a great deal more attention than in past years.

Status Quo candidate Carlos Cordeiro, was elected as the new president of U.S. Soccer on Saturday after three rounds of voting and a historic and contentious eight-candidate campaign.

An unprecedented eight candidates stood for election and none of them are the incumbent Sunil Gulati, who has held the position unopposed since 2006 and declined to run for office.

Less than an hour before the Cordeiro election, fellow candidate Hope Solo blasted the federation for its faults, and criticized two candidates who, in her opinion, were complicit – two candidates who represented the status quo , Carlos Cordeiro and Kathy Carter.

Solo entered the race for United States Soccer Federation president less than a week before the nomination deadline back in December. Throughout the past two months, she has been outspoken in her criticism of the federation and the two establishment candidates.

Among the eight candidates was Ridgewood Resident Michael Winograd . Winograd was considered a blend of previous soccer experience and organizational talents. He played college soccer at Lafayette College and was a pro in Israel. He was also a coach and founder of a short-lived professional franchise, serves on the board of his local soccer organization and has a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

He was not considered as radical as some of the candidates, but he wanted to reform the structure of youth development on a state-by-state basis. He also has a plan for implementing promotion and relegation in American soccer that would also allow current MLS teams to remain in the top flight in perpetuity.

As the Cordeiro victory seemed imminent , Winograd withdrew after the second round as did several others.

Mike’s wife Siobhan Crann Winograd, said in a Facebook post, “Mike did a great job. Ran a honest, sincere, impressive campaign that we are all so proud of. His platform was bold, focused and raised a lot of the key issues ( especially the inequality for women). Without a doubt he was a major influencer.”

11 thoughts on “Local Underdog Puts in Valiant Effort for United States Soccer Federation President Election

  1. Gagooch.. Creepy dude.
    Lovely family is you like being SUED by your neighbor. Look it up.
    Creeps, creepy creepier.

  2. Loser wife, loser life.

  3. How many votes he got?

  4. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

  5. 12:27.. well said

  6. I am sorry that he did not succeed. I’m even sorrier that he and his family must be subjected to the nasty language that some individuals deem necessary to adequately express their feelings. Years ago Gordon Alport wrote a book about the fact that everyone has to have an underdog to complain about and make sure the underdog is made to feel less important than the one making the statements. Ridgewood seems to have a few of these people who feel so inferior themselves that they must attack another person with disgusting and unnecessary language to make themselves feel better.

  7. 7:20 – yes, indeed, and one of the people who posted in this thread with his name/initials does exactly that all the time.

  8. That’s brilliant 7:20, coming from someone who knows ZERO about what this cat is really all about. And if you insist on bringing in the “founding father” of personality psychology you can at least spell his name right…it’s Allport. He also emphasized the importance of present context for understanding personality and that brings us right back to our boy. I suggest you dust off your copy of “the nature of personality” for a good re-read. And now I insist on feeling better about myself so piss right off.

  9. Results from round 2. Michael Winograd has dropped out from the third round of voting. In 15 minutes, members will vote again.— Melanie Anzidei (@melanieanzidei) February 10, 2018

  10. 10:24pm, thanks for letting us know that “several others” did not drop out after the second round. He was the only one getting zero votes.

  11. Good lord not one vote…how incredibly embarrassing.
    Guess everyone read right through the polished campaign BS and figured out where this guy was coming from.

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