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Mail Boxes Raided on Spring,South Irving and North Walnut in Ridgewood


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood police have reported that on December 23rd, Ptl. Jack Knudsen responded to South Irving and Spring Avenue on a report of a burglary into a postal mailbox. Upon arrival postal mail was discovered outside of the mailbox and it was determined to have been forced open. The Ridgewood Post Office and the Postal Police were notified. A second mailbox was also discovered to have been forced open on North Walnut Street.

11 thoughts on “Mail Boxes Raided on Spring,South Irving and North Walnut in Ridgewood

  1. Welcome to our new reality …why do people rob banks..

    answer..because that is where the money is.
    violence usually follows these crimes..

    Ridgewood and other soft targets had better wake up.
    Patrol cars should be focussing on these issues.Not left turns from Starbucks drive through..what are the ticket issuers doing and can be an extra set of eyes for our protection.

  2. Yeahhhh ‘ or stop looking at the sky or girl ‘s, right bro’s

  3. “.Not left turns from Starbucks drive through” Whats the matter it takes you to long to enter the right way to get your Cafe Mocha Latte with skim milk and with a little foam ? Does it make you late for your pilates class?


  5. Hey ” Bro” it seems you have a lot of time on your hands. Maybe you should try getting a job and moving out pf your parents basement.

  6. That’s why I remove my mailbox. I have a mailbox and post office I don’t need his bullshit anymore.

  7. I think it’s time to call Curtis slewa. It’s going to be time to start a citizen security team. And nobody can stop us from nobody. The police cannot be everywhere this is a big town.

  8. People wake up it’s time to call the Guardian Angels.

  9. Why do people rob mailboxes? Because that’s where the Christmas cards are!

  10. fact I was in line at Ridgewood PO Last January.a grandparent was there to file claim on a USPO after sale gift box that a thief broke open en route picked the cash envelope out of the Kids gift package of a clothing item while en route via USPO or agent who retaped the gift box and let the package be delivered to destination address

    pretty good scam to wreck a kids holiday ..those USPO gift boxes are a rip off here signal

  11. Let’s jump on Bro who’s no Bro o mine…community college might help Shawn Penn hero ..not…

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