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>May 17th Budget Hearing

>Village of Ridgewood 2006 Municipal Budget – May 17th Budget Hearing This Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30 PM in the Court Room there will be a Public Hearing on the Municipal Budget. The public is invited to comment on the budget at this time. The budget newsletter, Ridgewood Reports, which explains each aspect of the budget was mailed to each Ridgewood resident the first week in May.The 2006 Municipal Budget was introduced at the Village Council Public Meeting on April 19, 2006. Click he …


3 thoughts on “>May 17th Budget Hearing

  1. >No whining about property tax increases will be permitted by anyone who fails to attend this meeting and voice his/her opinion!

    This will be your one and only chance to comment on a plan that would increase taxes on the average Ridgewood property by $96 a year.

    You snooze, you lose! Forget television for one night and come on down to Village Hall!

  2. >just hope it doesnt rain ,otherwise you’ll have to bring a life jacket ….

  3. >Link to pdf document is broken.

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