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Mayor Contradicks Ridgewood News ,”Parking Rate Hike” Story

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood ran a story titled “Ridgewood Council considers parking rate hikes to finance garage, as plans get a face-lift” , in the article the News claimed that , ” As plans for the Hudson Street parking garage received a face-lift, the village is considering additional parking rate increases in the downtown to finance its construction and operation ”

Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache commented on Facebook , “I want to clarify, since the headline of this article inappropriately characterizes future rate increases as being necessary for the recent update of the exterior aesthetic design. The schedule of any future rate increases were prescribed by Walker, our parking consultant and have nothing to do with this design update. The “face-lift” as discussed by EPIC last week is not a change order, will not require additional rate increases, and will come in within the estimated total cost of the project. “

14 thoughts on “Mayor Contradicks Ridgewood News ,”Parking Rate Hike” Story

  1. Omg learn how to spell !!

  2. look it up : STEEL ,Rebar and all Aluminum components
    costs are skyrocketing..with pass through to project owners i.e. Joe and Jane Taxpayers..

  3. Everyone should be focused on the rates required in the future to pay the debt service on the garage. Meter rates will be too high, the majority of retail businesses in town will suffer only a few nearby restaurants will benefit. A pending fiscal disaster, being backstopped by residents.
    The 2-1 YES vote did not sufficiently outline the costs of the garage. The NO voters likely considered the costs. The majority of the YES voters thought it was “free”, of would be totally self sustaining.

  4. Spelling!!!

  5. The aronsohn gang is telling the news what to say as well as hiring spamers to hit this blog

  6. The garage loses about a million dollars a year for the life of the garage. Rate increases everywhere are not up for debate- they are the only way to come close to paying for the garage. Wait until the math wizards who voted ‘yes’ see that the garage rate will have to be lower than the street rate just to spur demand for the garage. This is just the start of the self imposed retail implosion from liberals, wait until they get the minimum wage hikes they want. What do you think $15/hr does to the CBD where the stores are tiny and the required revenue per square foot is already sky high to pay the rent? A rent that the village council wants to nearly double which was the whole reason to build the garage, increase the tax haul from the CBD. Only the ‘no’ voters did the math.

  7. Learn how to vote

  8. I am already feeling the pinch of paying 75 cents per hour, especially for an entire day at the Park & Ride. When the meter price soars to $1/hour, I will go downtown much less. It adds up and one worries more about getting a ticket. Today at brunch in Ramsey I started to panic about getting the check before the meter ran out until I remembered that I wasn’t in Ridgewood. No meters there.

  9. Based on previous building projects managed by the Village ($500K Golden commodes anyone? ) this garage project will be delayed repeatedly, suffer numerous expensive “change orders”, and likely cost $20+ million all in by the time its ready (40% of annual municipal budget).It will never pay for itself, guaranteed. Right as interest rates spike and the Village’s S&P AAA rating on our municipal debt is downgraded. Can you say large municipal debt and interest expense increases?

  10. Pave and reconstruct all the current surface lots .

    STOP Garazilla Epic mistake.Pay the performance penalties and move on..It’s not too late for Leadership.Seize town garage blight..level and pave the hazardous site including expensive remediation settlement. Leaders Lead.

  11. What the hell, the comment learn how to vote. WHO was not for the damn stupid garage. Harwin wanted a bigger one. All the candidates wanted one. Who didn’t. EYE DIDNT. But NO ONE would have voted for me if EYE ran. EYE see into the future. The others are fools. I park on Union for two hours tops if needed and then leave. If I can’t get something done in that time, I go to a mall. Or Glen Rock. Or Ho-Ho-Kus.

  12. I’ve lived here since 1969. I won’t waste money on parking and a potential ticket to go in a store or post office. I go to post offices in other towns and if I need to shop it’s not here. How can the stores compete the malls where there is a better selection and fre parking. I’d like to know what net amount th villag even realize from the meter revenue.
    By the time you add in costs of equipment , employees, pensions, theft of quarters, it’s minuscule.. All it does is chase away shoppers, just as taxes chase people out of NJ.
    Years ago shopkeepers were able to give tokens out so th shoppers didn’t have to pay. But that’s not possible now… Try something unique….remove the meters. Overtime parking is easily enforced chalking tires as is done elsewhere. Triple the fines for repeat parking in order to stop store employees from abusing parking. Problem solved.

  13. last Anon Good points,tear out those meters and kiosks.

    such a sensible set up is in practice for years in Glen Rock.

    but the restauranteurs bitch and moan about their lost second evening seatings in the months of June September October ..then quadruple the squatters fines and let the others shopping here come and eat a good way.

    Garage is a eyesore and crime institute for drug dealers and other loosers to prey on our citizens .filthy structures
    examples are in the up your eyes and look up to see their blight and ugliness everywhere .

  14. Acknowledge the mistake and negotiate an exit from the garage contract and move on. Any termination penalty will be much less than the financial burden of the built garage and the few incremental parking spaces.

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