Re-elect Knudsen & Sedon for Village Council

Dear friends, supporters, and fellow Ridgewood residents,
We are humbled by the outpouring of support that you sent our way throughout the Village Council election campaign. The last few weeks were difficult, even painful, in some ways, although also positive as we geared up for our big win. We hope that future council candidates will recognize and embrace our shared values of honesty, decency, and commitment to what is best for our community and will gear their campaign materials to their own plans and accomplishments rather than to denigrating their opponents. We can proudly state that despite being goaded, we refused to travel that route.
Thank you to the hundreds of residents who signed nominating petitions in February and March and to the many residents who helped in March, April, and early May with coffees and “meet-and-greets,” lawn sign distribution and pickup, canvassing, phone banks, train station presence, website upkeep, emailing and texting, letter writing, chauffeuring, editing and proofreading, financial donations (it’s getting increasingly expensive to run for council), cooking and baking, and even wardrobe consultation (that pink blouse).
If you did something that we have omitted here, thank you for that, too. We recognize the countless hours you spent away from your families and other responsibilities and activities that you are just catching up with now. We appreciated every work hour, every positive message, every hug, the cards and flowers. In short, we are deeply grateful for everything our wonderful fellow residents did to help us win re-election. We thank the thousands of Ridgewood residents who believed in us enough to vote for us.
We all love this special Village we call home, Ridgewood 07450-07451!
With sincere gratitude,
Susan and Mike
Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon