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Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon thank the Voters of Ridgewood

Re-elect Knudsen & Sedon for Village Council

Dear friends, supporters, and fellow Ridgewood residents,
We are humbled by the outpouring of support that you sent our way throughout the Village Council election campaign. The last few weeks were difficult, even painful, in some ways, although also positive as we geared up for our big win. We hope that future council candidates will recognize and embrace our shared values of honesty, decency, and commitment to what is best for our community and will gear their campaign materials to their own plans and accomplishments rather than to denigrating their opponents. We can proudly state that despite being goaded, we refused to travel that route.
Thank you to the hundreds of residents who signed nominating petitions in February and March and to the many residents who helped in March, April, and early May with coffees and “meet-and-greets,” lawn sign distribution and pickup, canvassing, phone banks, train station presence, website upkeep, emailing and texting, letter writing, chauffeuring, editing and proofreading, financial donations (it’s getting increasingly expensive to run for council), cooking and baking, and even wardrobe consultation (that pink blouse).
If you did something that we have omitted here, thank you for that, too. We recognize the countless hours you spent away from your families and other responsibilities and activities that you are just catching up with now. We appreciated every work hour, every positive message, every hug, the cards and flowers. In short, we are deeply grateful for everything our wonderful fellow residents did to help us win re-election. We thank the thousands of Ridgewood residents who believed in us enough to vote for us.
We all love this special Village we call home, Ridgewood 07450-07451!
With sincere gratitude,
Susan and Mike
Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon

14 thoughts on “Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon thank the Voters of Ridgewood

  1. If we could just get rid of the Douche bag . . .

  2. Susan and Mike — If you really want to thank us then DO NOT build the Garage

  3. Or mess up the train station parking lot.

  4. The Douche Bag is not going to be on the dais much longer. Word is.

  5. You are welcome. Now, Please represent ther residents of Ridgewood, as you said you would . Eliminant the outrageous high density development, keepin ridgewood a village, as it is intended to be. Cut taxes, oversee judicious spending. We wish you the best, in making Ridgewood… Great again!

  6. Thanks for running a classy campaign in the face of such total ignorance. Mrs. Harwin had nothing to say other than she “was proud of her campaign.” That makes one of you. At least Mrs. Willett had the decency to acknowledge that the voters had spoken.

  7. agree completely with 10:07 No raised Garage.

    let the developers cut own bait..hands out of our pockets for this fiscal
    disaster ahead..Unlike valet parking experiment .these parking cones are
    more than permanent fiscally beyond responsible slum maker.

    business case outside of welfare for developers and lazy diners who can’t
    walk 3 blocks to work up an appetite then walk off desert..not on our backs

    school budget overruns has broken us in half,

  8. They get re-elected, then build the garage. Next come he developers. Just watch. I’m not encouraged by recent developments on tbe VC.

  9. it’s not a Happy Together set of strongly suspicious facts..Just because we tortured each other for 7 years still down not mean we want nor need that Fact Town Garage site should be condemned and a large simple 2 decker should be placed into the center of the village ..nothing Grand Steel barriers and lower cost design gets the job done..central location and ease of access to all parts of the center village

  10. 3:54 Condemn the Town Garage site? Take it off the tax rolls. Remediate the soil and build a two decker. Thats a reel wast of money.

  11. 120 Franklin Ave.

    Sale History
    Public Records

    Tax History
    $24,836 (+2.53%)
    $24,230 (+2.47%)
    $23,809 (+2.43%)
    $24,664 (+2.52%)
    $24,664 (+2.35%)

  12. And we still get the garage, still get the high-density housing.

    Thanks a lot.

  13. The high density was made LAW years ago. Not anything Susan and mike could have done or can do. Learn how it works before you blame the wrong people, dummies.

  14. 11:18, they ran on “all the success” they had controlling that development. What’s changed in two weeks?

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