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Medevac Helicopter Touches Down at Vets Field

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewod blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Wednesday around 4pm a Medevac helicopter touched down at Veterans Field in Ridgewood , to deliver a patient from the Valley Hospital to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia .

Ridgewood Police , Fire and Emergency Services were on the scene and the patient was delivered to the Medevac by a Valley Hospital Specialty Care Transport Unit .

2 thoughts on “Medevac Helicopter Touches Down at Vets Field

  1. Classic picture showing how we have too many cops and professional firemen for a Village our size. Once Valley leaves what will all of these highly paid individuals do with their scarce time?

  2. What will they do?
    Their going to keep shitting down your neck
    Until you finally realize that this entire village and it’s infrastructure is a complete scam.
    And it’s been happily running along for years.
    No matter. The liberal assholes in Trenton who you voted for are destroying the state at this very moment. Just a matter of time b4 it’s on our doorstep.

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