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Meet Dr. Marty Brooks – June 11, 2007 @ 7:30pm Ed. Center

>The Board of Education is inviting the public to a welcome reception for Dr. Martin Brooks, the incoming Superintendent of Schools at the Ed Center, third floor, 49 Cottage Place, on Monday, June 11, 2007, from 7:30-8:30 PM. The informal occasion is the first opportunity for residents to meet Dr. Brooks who was appointed to the position at the May 14, 2007, Board meeting. He takes over the Ridgewood post on July 1, 2007.

9 thoughts on “Meet Dr. Marty Brooks – June 11, 2007 @ 7:30pm Ed. Center

  1. >Shall we refrain from calling Mr. Brooks a doctor. I believe that he has an M.Ed and not a doctorate in anything. And even if he did have a Ph.D., it is a bit too much to call him a doctor.

    The only people who have earned the right to call themselves doctors have gone to med school, done an internship and residency.

    Let’s not puff these up these Educrats any more than they already are.

  2. >My question for Brooks is, “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”

  3. >Meet the new boss.

    Same as the old boss.

    (I hope not.)

  4. >A doctorate in education is a doctorate in BS.

  5. >What’s wrong with these educrat people? Are they really so insecure that they need to run around and call themselves “doctor” all the time.

    Even Deborah Ives has the disease as does Bob Muller, principal of orchard!

    John Porter, for all his faults, didn’t use it personally. That allowed him at least some respect; that is until he flat out lied to parents and squandered it.

  6. >Not long ago, Deborah Ives was one of the first few people to get a doctorate at her school. I would question the value of any PHD from a school whose doctoral program is brand new.

  7. >Maybe Porter didn’t use the title because he was hiding something? Didn’t you ever notice that while he was here, the RPS website failed to mention where his doctorate was from? This was odd because Botsford’s credentials were clearly posted. Shouldn’t we have known more about the background of our superintendent than about that of the assistant super? There was a lot of blather about Porter’s background on the web site, but not about his doctorate.

  8. >Questions for the new super:

    How much money have you made peddling constructivist math?

    Do you have a plan to sell this to Ridgewood parents in the face of such heated opposition?

    Why come to a district that is fighting the very thing you stand for in education?

    How long do you think you will last here?

    Will you rely on jargon to get your points across?

    Why do you think you didn’t get those other positions for which you interviewed?

    Why do you think our BOE hired you?

    Did the BOE know of your staunch constructivist background before it came out in our math debate?

    Do you believe there is still money to be made selling reformed math programs?

    Why do you think Mathland perished?

    What kind of math should Ridgewood have?

    Should all our elementary schools have a consistent math program or should we continue to let principals just pick what they think is best for their school?

    Do you agree with the BOE pesident that meeting state standards should be the aim of our math programs?

    What will be your hours of work in the district?

  9. >Perhaps Dr. Brooks should invest in some riot gear for his Meet and Greet.

    As a Plainview parent who adamantly opposed Investigations and vehemently disagreed with many things Dr. Brooks has said regarding math education in our district, I would like to say the following in his defense:

    Despite being a constructivist, he’s not a terrible person.
    He will always treat parents with respect, even when they push the limits of his patience.
    He would probably answer 10:17 am’s
    questions if anyone actually has the nerve to ask them.

    Dr. Brooks’ educational ideas didn’t sell well in our community. He isn’t a fan of me, actually, and I’m not quite sure why I even would consider defending him to a group who are facing the same math frustrations my community has, but the contract is signed and perhaps you can work with him to resolve your issues and most importantly get the kids a great math education.

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