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Meet the Mayor of Ridgewood- Saturday, January 12th, 2019

Ramon Hache ridgewood NJ

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Ramon Hache will be available to meet with residents on Saturday, January 12th from 9:00am to 11:00am in the Village Hall Caucus Room, 4th Floor.

Mayor Ramon M Hache asks , “Do you have any questions? An important issue you would like to talk about? Meet the Mayor tomorrow Saturday, January 12 from 9AM – 11AM. By appointment only. Call the Village Clerk’s Office at (201) 670-5500 x229.”

7 thoughts on “Meet the Mayor of Ridgewood- Saturday, January 12th, 2019

  1. Here, Fixed that fer ya:
    Meet the Mayor Lead Developer of Ridgewood- Saturday, January 12th, 2019

  2. would love to attend but I have to go drive an uber to help pay for my parking permit that has nearly doubled in the last 3 years. Apparently Don Juan thinks its no biggie.

  3. Most voted for the realtor who wanted to be a force for good change as a mayor.

    We have a realtor mayor who is a friend to developers and those who skyrocketed parking rates and annual parking permits
    ( that were raised already ) hurting families .I have not renewed my parking pass. I shop more in Glen Rock Free shopper parking and route 17 stores and malls Free parking …ps Ridgewood stores closing in January ..a pattern.STOP THE RAISED GARAGEZILLA.

  4. They are building a drive-thru Dunkin on the Shell Gas lot on Rt. 17. Why couldn’t they have left the space alone. RIGHT NOW coming down Rt. 17 to enter Ridgewood your sight is blocked by the new big building. VERY DANGEROUS. Entering Ridgewood you cannot see if there is if there is an oncoming car entering from wrong exit and crashing into you. Plus when Dunkin gets goin no room to maneuver your car when getting gas. Congestion and danger is what is being created. DO NOT SUPPORT RIDGEWOOD’s CBD any business. The town Board of Adjustment approved this construction. Did the Planning Board and Council also have a say in it. The point is the decision makers in town do not care about the safety and welfare of the residents here. Tell me what they have decided that benefits us. The apts on Franklin Ave. Those 60 units pose a severe traffic danger on Franklin. Cutting away the islands at the train station. Again, how do you manage to walk to safety. Extra concrete makes a flood zone there. The parking garage, huge tax raise for residents, an attraction for vagrants and thieves. Skip Ridgewood when shopping. Shop nearby towns, malls and online.

  5. there was a gas station there for years

  6. NO!! it’s not the gas station that is the problem, James, it is the building, being constructed on the same lot of the gas station. It blocks the clear site of the entrance into Ridgewood as you are driving down the highway, RT 17. It is dangerous. You no longer can see clearly what is going on with cars exiting that entrance. Cars may crash into you exiting the wrong lane. Also, the gas station lot will be too crowded to safely move your car once you have gotten gas. Damn’t . The new Dunkin Donuts makes it dangerous for anyway going into that lot. I am talkin about the entrance into Ridgewood into Franklin Tpke after a Park and Ride where they are constructing a huge drive-in Dunkin Donuts. Read Friday’s Ridgewood News. First it was going to be a seven -eleven. NO matter what it is the building blinds the site of drivers who want to enter into Ridgewood. The town approved that construction because they do not care about the safety of people. Only about money.

    For years ,since 1978 when I moved here, there was only a gas station there. Then it was not crowded and safe. Now on the highway it is a death trap to enter into Ridgewood because you are blinded by the building and getting gas will be dangerous because too crowded with Dunkin drivers. The lot of the SHell station was small to begin with.

  7. I wish people would go to town and Board of Adjustment meetings and talk about that construction on the lot of Shell Station and Rt. 17. I may. But they always ignore me. If there were others too it might help. They should stop the construction and take down what they have. Goddamn it. If a lot has a little safe space for drivers they have to cram it up and make it a death trap. And they want us to support the town, the CBD. No way.

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