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Members of the Ridgewood Councils Opposition engage in Rumor and Innuendo at Ridgewood Council Meeting

Rurik Halaby
file photo of Mr. Halaby
September 9th 2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, several readers have asked “What we’re all these comments in the council meeting about a raffle at Mt Carmel with a $25k prize. Those comments were perplexing.

It seemed to be implied by Mr. Halaby that there was a fix in and that is why the Mayor won the raffle.

The fact is the church was in Glen Rock, not Mt. Carmel. And the suggestion by Mr. Halaby that the raffle was rigged was pathetic and highly insulting to the church. What by the way did that have to do with anything? Just reaching for something ridiculous to attack the Mayor, and attack the church while he was at it.

Perhaps the opposition should take there own advice and behave civilly or maybe the council should morve to ban several residents from speaking at Village council meetings for “trolling”.

20 thoughts on “Members of the Ridgewood Councils Opposition engage in Rumor and Innuendo at Ridgewood Council Meeting

  1. Harry S Truman !

  2. Rurik is pitiful and everyone laughs when he speaks

  3. Wasn’t the raffle in question actually at St. Catherine’s in Glen Rock?

  4. Please, no one takes the old fool seriously. Let him live out his days in peace. That’s what being a Village is all about. Just smile, shake his hand and move on.

  5. These days you can make any claim without facts. Rubrik needs to apologize.

    Ask him about the moon landing.

  6. He’s a nut job. Will sink to the lowest depths in order to discredit Susan and Mike. All blow and no go.

  7. Village Idiot!

  8. The empty barrel makes the most noise.

  9. He tried so hard to get Weitz Willett and Brooks elected and that was a spectacular FAIL. He tried so hard to get the parking garage funded and that was a spectacular fail. Rurik Halaby has no juice, none at all.

  10. Ignorance + Arrogance = Comedy. This guy’s family should really keep him inside during Council meetings.

  11. You know the old saying – he is his own worst enemy. Definitely material for Saturday Night Live.

  12. With new restrictions on public speaking perhaps those who demand their say week after week could be restricted in some way. Halaby, Griffith.

  13. I understand that many on this blog do not like Gabbert and Im sure they have their reasons but when Halaby stands up at a public meeting and accused him of stealing quarters when there is no proof and a investigation that was conducted by the Prosecutors office did not indicate that Mr Gabbert was involved . I think Halaby should be concerned about a liable suit. Now before people all jump on this post how would like if Halaby accuse you of a crime just because he doesn’t like you.

  14. Halaby and Griffith provide great entertainment when they make bumbling fools of themselves. Let them keep on talking. Why not?

  15. He thinks that a raffle for a Catholic school was fixed? How low can you go?

    Apology needed.

  16. Oh the irony of the Ridgewood Blog criticizing someone about engaging in rumor and innuendo. Hi Pot, meet Kettle!

  17. I’d be sad if he and is small group of vocalanties stopped attending the meetings. They provide so much fodder for laughs.
    Rurik is so smart yet totally unable to ever consider any bring outside the small biz he was taught with.
    He thinks Monsanto is GOOD. He thinks Roberta was GOOD. He thought the 3 amigos were GOOD.
    He’s not to be blamed. He actually believes this. He’s just far too old and set in his ways to see any recent developments in the world, ethics or how things are done. And his wife is his complete supporter. They don’t know any other alternatives because their generation doesn’t provide there to be other alternatives.
    He truly believes he is important, relevant and right. There’s nothing to be done. He’s just a totally different breed of person.
    And he’s probably very nice. Just utterly out of date and out of ability to think outside of his small small box.

  18. Nice or not (doubtful)–I would be very happy if he shut up or moved away. Every minute of every council meeting is important and not to be wasted on the self-righteous waving their arms and yelling at the council, beating their same old horses. He just says the same thing every time. Enough is enough. And by the way, I resent the proposition that age is an excusable reason to be an idiot. Unless he is actually demented, that’s ridiculous. “Their generation” has no other alternatives–than what? wrecking the town and making the developers wealthier? That’s ageist. I give them no excuses or forgiveness. Let’s not be stupid about this, folks.

  19. So now a direct quotation doesn’t even need to be made on this site for it to be considered the comment of a “reader” ?

  20. I violently disagree with everything that comes out of that man’s mouth, but I may be of a reasonably close generation. Please don’t believe that he is that way solely because of his age. Many people say “Give the younger generation a break.” and I’m asking the same for the older generation. I personally know a man who is 101 and he probably has forgotten (not likely) more than most of us will ever learn!

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