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Murphy Passes “the Buck” on NJ Transit Train Cancellation Epidemic


August 10,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Newark NJ, At a briefing in Newark this morning, Governor Phil Murphy vowed to resolve cancellation problems plaguing NJ Transit, .Instead of offering any solutions Murphy spent the entire press conference focusing blame on the Christie Administration .

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Union) issued the following statement following Gov. Phil Murphy’s press conference at NJ Transit:

“New Jerseyans are tough, fair-minded people but they need information every morning to plan their day. Commuters have not received that information as to the status of trains and train delays. Blaming Chris Christie seven months into the new governor’s term does not provide the needed information for our commuters.”

4 thoughts on “Murphy Passes “the Buck” on NJ Transit Train Cancellation Epidemic

  1. I saw that press conference. It takes20 months to train an engineer. So in 20 months Murphy won’t have any excuses…

  2. Nobody is going to solve the NJ Transit problems in 7 months. Aside from questions about their management, which I know nothing about, they have been underfunded for years under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

  3. Wait, so James can blame everything going wrong in town to the 3 amigos even though they have been gone since a few years but Murhpy can’t blame Christie just 7 months into his term?! This is double standard James. So much for fairness. By the way Murphy sucks so don’t paint me as his supporter.

  4. because the 3 amigos signed off on the high density housing, the consequences of which will be felt for many years to come , like the Village hall renovation pushed by Jane Reilly which still floods and needs to be , renovated !

    High density housing has a far larger impact ,roads, schools, water ,police and fire .

    Murphy is full of BULL , trains being cancelled are a current issue that has gotten far worse since he has been gov, end of story , it a mix of gross negligence and total incompetence ,failure is failure end of story.

    Perhaps if there was not so much corruption ,graft and waste in Trenton some of the $36 billion dollar budget could be redeployed for NJT. , any excuse to further raise taxes and do nothing .

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