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Murphy Plays the Fool on Brennan Rape Testimony


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Trenton N J, Governor Phil Murphy continues to play , “I knew nothing card”  as to why he hired an accused rapists ? The Murphy Administration has been rocked by a series of high profile blinders hiring career criminals to the ethically challenged.

The New Jersey Select Oversight Committee kicked off its investigation into the Murphy administration’s hiring practices with the testimony of Kate Brennan .

Brennan in chronological order related what did – and did not – happen after she said she was raped by Al Alvarez in Jersey City in the early morning hours of April 8, 2017. Both had been involved with what was then Murphy’s election campaign for governor.

Brennan, whose husband was working in Sweden at the time, reported the attack to both the Jersey City Police and the county prosecutor’s office. Months went by and on Dec.1 of last year, the prosecutor’s office told Brennan it would not file charges against Alvarez.

Prior to that, Brennan also said she had talked to Murphy campaign officials about the incident. Time moved on. Murphy was elected in the fall of 2017 and a transition team was put together. Brennan said the team knew of the allegation against Alvarez.

No matter, when Murphy took office, Alvarez got a job as chief of staff for the Schools Development Authority. Brennan also joined the administration in a similar role with the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

Ina statement Governor Murphy said :

“I watched Ms. Brennan’s opening statement today, and I commend the courage, bravery, and leadership she showed in telling her story. She is right: no one should have to go through an ordeal to have their voices heard. We must stand with survivors of sexual assault, and we must start from a place of believing the accuser.

“On October 15th, I called for two separate internal investigations into exactly how this hire took place, and how we can best update our current policies and procedures. I then tasked Attorney General Gurbir Grewal with looking at making New Jersey’s criminal justice system the most victim-centered in the country, to help ensure that no one has to go through what Ms. Brennan has gone through. The policies and procedures that he issued last week will make meaningful changes to how sexual assault victims are treated and how prosecutions are handled in our state.

“Specifically, these policies will expand the role of confidential sexual assault advocates for victims, require data reporting and evaluation on sexual assault prosecutions, mandate that law enforcement report sexual assault incidents to county prosecutors within 24 hours, and, if charges are not pursued, require a supervisor’s signoff and provide victims with an opportunity to meet with prosecutors to discuss the decision. This is real change to the criminal justice system, change that makes our states among the most victim-centered in the country.

“By embracing this approach, our law enforcement agencies can encourage more victims to come forward with their stories and seek justice, just as Ms. Brennan is so bravely doing. I am committed to working with Attorney General Grewal and the whole of state government to ensure that New Jersey is a place where justice is the right of every person, and every person is treated with dignity and respect while seeking it.”

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  1. Murphy was not “playing” the fool.

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