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Murphy Sides with Illegals and Criminals Moving New Jersey one Step Closer, “Sanctuary State” status

Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

January 28,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, This week Governor Phil Murphy was involved  with a series of announcements demonstrating he will be taking sides against residents and citizens and favoring illegals and criminals.

The Governor “Sanctuary Phil” Murphy campaigned on massive tax raises and turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state . This week he moved that agenda forward .

First on January 24th NJ Attorney General Grewal announced alongside Governor Phil Murphy that the NJ Office of the Attorney General will use all the tools it has to protect the rights of Dreamers so they can enjoy the American Dream and to ensure the safety and well-being of all New Jerseyans, regardless of their immigration status.

Then on the 26th ,NJ Attorney General Grewal spoke on his focus of restricting legal gun owners rights and New Jersey’s intention to tighten restrictions on handgun-carry permits to combat gun violence for a safer state, despite the fact that criminals don’t get gun permits.


5 thoughts on “Murphy Sides with Illegals and Criminals Moving New Jersey one Step Closer, “Sanctuary State” status

  1. Democrats = #PartyOfTheCrimnals

  2. Please Mr Murphy,
    Make sure some of these illegals (or many) are accommodated in the affordable units that soon will overflow our once upon a time nice village. Bring as many as you can so that your voters in Ridgewood get what they voted for. They will finally have turned RW into Brooklyn or Manhattan or Bronx or whatever sh!thole they came from. And those pesky deplorables can finally stop fighting and get on with the program. It’s gonna be heaven.

  3. Village?
    Yea right pal.
    Boca is a short plane ride away…get on with it.

  4. When’s the last time Tyrone or Kareem got a gun permit ?
    How about crime control in the shit hole cities of Newark Camden and Paterson.
    How come they do not enforce the gun laws now against inner city criminals? Why do they always plea bargain to other charges so the gun laws mean nothing.
    It’s a war on law abiding tax paying citizens by this out of touch socialist Goldman Sachs governor.

  5. ANOTHER out of touch socialist Goldman sac O shit governor.
    That’s how brilliant the residents of NJ are.
    Not only did we get screwed royally via Corzine now we’re repeating the process all over again. It’s pretty obvious that the state is now officially a shithole.

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