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Muslim Mass Murderer OMAR MATEEN Had Been Investigated by FBI, tied to Islamic Terror Groups

Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club

By PAMELA GELLER on June 12, 2016

The jihadi who slaughtered at least 50 at a gay nightclub in Florida last night was known to law enforcement. More of their “Muslim outreach,” I’m sure.

“Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI,” Daily Beast:
Mateen was a ‘known quantity’ to federal law enforcement before he killed 53 people in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

Mateen came to the attention of federal authorities twice prior to being identified as the gunman in the Orlando nightclub mass shooting, a senior law enforcement source told The Daily Beast.

The source reports that Mateen became a person of interest in 2013 and again in 2014. The Federal Bureau of Investigation at one point opened an investigation of him, but subsequently closed the case when it produced nothing that appeared to warrant further investigation.

“He’s a known quantity,” the source said. “He’s been on the radar before.”

The gunman is said by the source to have been born in New York and to have been married for a time to a woman from New Jersey. His father, Seddique Mateen, appears to reside in Florida, but is said to be presently running for office in Afghanistan.

Seddique told NBC News that the sight of two men kissing angered his son.

“We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking,” Seddique said. “We are in shock like the whole country.” Seddique added that the attack “has nothing to do with religion.”

His father’s first response is, the massacre “had nothing to do with religion.” The bodies are still warm and the first response of the father of a mass murderer is protect Islam.

And if this has nothing to do with Islam, why is there an imam at the press conference?

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14 thoughts on “Muslim Mass Murderer OMAR MATEEN Had Been Investigated by FBI, tied to Islamic Terror Groups

  1. The photograph has him scratching his chin. He may just have shaved off his beard in anticipation of the attack and a desire to avoid being stopped before reaching the site of his planned crime. Taqqiyya.

  2. Dad’s a Taliban-supporting BS artist too. What a bloody mess we are in.

  3. And yet he leagally purchased two firearms two days before the spree.

  4. Bury him wrapped in bacon.

  5. Another loser.

  6. Even buys automatic weapons AR15 NO WAITING PERIODS after being interviewed by FBI 2 times.

  7. People of Israel would be bulldozing his Parents mansion in Orlando by sundown.

  8. that’s right… lets make this a Gun Control issue

  9. These guys seem to have the habit of driving long distances to get where they need to be to commit their crimes. Surely there are some characteristic driving behaviors or “tics” they display while enroute. The police could learn to be attuned to these and start pulling them over for Driving While Jihadi. Profiling…what a concept!

  10. While we’re at it, let’s also make pressure cookers (Boston bombing) illegal, too.

  11. He had an official license and gun at work. Work in this case involved being a GOVERNMENT security contractor.

    You turn, gun controlistas.

  12. Okay, what is it with journalists these days. For a day we were fed the number “50”. All the news sources telling us, 50 killed, 53 injured. But it was Mateen’s stinking carcass that apparently upped the tally from 49 to 50! On which planet does it make any sense at all to lump the death of the mercilessly killed, together with the death of the mercifully killed Jihadi death merchant, when discussing the death toll of a terrorist attack? The media needs to be of special assistance to the public in circumstances like these. We have a deep-seated human need to mourn the 49 dead victims, and an understandable desire to celebrate the death of the one scum-sucking aggressor. There is no acceptable reason for these two numbers to be added together to form a single sum. The news outlet found to have done it first should be publicly shamed. What the hell is wrong with some people!?!

  13. Mateen Shaved Beard Before Attack: Acquaintance
    PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., June 22 (Reuters) – On the morning before the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse gay nightclub, shooter Omar Mateen drastically altered his appearance, shaving his head and face, and seemed agitated and surly, said an acquaintance who saw him that day.
    …. The acquaintance requested anonymity, saying authorities had asked him to keep quiet.

  14. To: Protect the Bill of Rights
    Isn’t shaving the head and face a muslim thing before they commit jihad?

    To: Dacula
    “Isn’t shaving the head and face a muslim thing before they commit jihad?”
    Yep. Often whole body.

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