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US Supreme Court declines to hear case about NJ pensions

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N.J. public employee unions irked by Christie call to cut health benefits

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US Supreme Court declines to hear case about NJ pensions


The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to rule on a major case involving payments to New Jersey’s pension system for public employees.

The case concerned Governor Christie’s decision to cut billions of dollars in payments he had once promised for the retirement system.

Christie began to cut those payments in 2014 despite signing laws in his first term that pledged more than $16 billion over seven years for the troubled retirement system.

Public worker unions sued, arguing that Christie and the state Legislature could not skip the higher payments. The New Jersey Supreme Court disagreed, ruling 5-2 in June that the seven-year plan was not legally binding.

10 thoughts on “US Supreme Court declines to hear case about NJ pensions

  1. Maybe the teachers union has seen this? The writing is on the wall.

  2. Welcome to reality

  3. Get it now boys and girls?
    Party’s over… Finally puts and end to the theft and graft that is new jerseys police fire teachers and municipal workers unions. Good riddance you animals.

  4. The US Supreme Court recognizes this is a states issue, nothing more nothing less.

  5. Yes, but the New Jersey Supreme Court already ruled 5-2 last June that the seven-year plan was not legally binding. Now health care benefits are not legally binding either – welcome to the real world pension thugs

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble 7:10 PM, but the truth is people like you will be paying more in income taxes, much more, to make up the States Pension Systems shortfalls. Everyone else will be paying more in sales taxes and other taxes to repay this debt. But the good news is the Village Public Employees Pension System (PERS) and the Police and Firefighters Pension System (PFRS) are properly funded and doing well, so you don’t have to worry about your property taxes going up to fund a shortfall for those pension systems. However, the news about the teachers pension system isn’t so good, ya see their pension is combined with all the other teachers in the state and their pension system is run by the state. That Pension System is in real trouble. The current Governor and many past Governors (since Whitmann) used that pension system as a piggy bank for their pet projects and now, well lets just say now your gonna pay for their misdeeds. Ain’t politics grand?

  7. Pension thugs huh 8:29am….Your anger is directed at the wrong people. If the Governors (democrat and republican) didn’t raid and take money from the various state pensions we wouldn’t have a problem today. But your one of those high income earners who is greedy and you want blue collar workers to suffer for the sins of the elected crooks and not yourself. Shame on you. I hope the state passes a high income earner income tax on you and people like you, you deserve to be punished for your careless and thuggish act of blaming the innocent government worker for something they aren’t responsible for……

  8. Blaming past governors for shortfalls in pension balances that should have never been there in the first place. You font deserve these gold plated pensions in e first place you idiot. Don’t Shane me you pig. PARTYS OVER.

  9. 7:48.. you need spellcheck… and there is a big problem which has been compounded by post Florio (ugh!) governors not putting the funds in… Shane starred Alan Ladd… by the way, if NJ didnt get shorted by the feds by 10’s of billions a year this issue would be nil… you may want to have a bit wider vision on the total issue….

  10. Now now 7:48 take you medication or call for anger management hot line.

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