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New Jersey Democrats Again Say No to Federal Worker Pay


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, Once again House Democrats were given the opportunity to vote to pay government employees while Nancy Pelosi continues her tantrum and refuses to negotiate. But despite their rhetoric, Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill joined their radical colleagues and voted to ensure that workers miss a second paycheck.

Democrats’ refusal, for a second time, to pay government workers shows once again that their priority is pleasing Nancy Pelosi, not working for their constituents’ well-being.

It seem New Jersey representatives “Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill are more interested in partisan games than making sure their constituents get paid for their work. Democrats’ blind loyalty to Nancy Pelosi is taking money out of workers’ pockets, and it’s past time for it to end.” – NRCC Spokesman Michael McAdams

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Democrats Again Say No to Federal Worker Pay

  1. Why is this new they are lying and they know it how about freezing all their pay????

  2. But they get paid have long weekends and go on pleasure trips disguised as work. You wanted Dems you got em.

  3. Sit back and watch the Democrats heads explode President Trump will have the wall with or without them he will declare an national emergency so it’s up to them what they will take from the table. Seriously Pelosi and Schumer are the best the Dems have as their mouthpieces? I would be embarrassed to claim affiliation with the Democratic Party look back since Trump was elected riots numerous women trying to take him down the Russia investigation tearing apart Justice Kavanaughs life in front of the country all out of hatred. I believe Trump is truly trying to rite this country sit back shut up give him a chance.

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