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New Jersey Democrats Continue Racist Binge

the staff the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, ever since the Democrat sheriff of Bergen County, N.J., and four of his senior officers resigned , one day after a recording surfaced of the sheriff making virulently racist comments to his staff. Sheriff Michael Saudino could be heard bad-mouthing African Americans, the state’s Sikh attorney general, and Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver in comments recorded in January. The recording, which documented Saudino grousing about Gov. Murphy’s inauguration speech, was released Thursday by WNYC.

Its seems the Democrat party in New Jersey has been on a Racist binge :

Not to be out done by the former Bergen Sheriff  and picking up right where he left off, Kathleen Murphy, a former Democratic councilwoman from River Edge, is facing criticism this morning for a racist Facebook post aimed at an African American Democrat who endorsed Republican Bob Hugin for U.S. Senate on last Thursday . “Maybe called around and this place had a free opening in their schedule? Anyway, Good Luck being the shoe shine boy for Hugin. Hope it pays well,” wrote Murphy, who served on the council from 2011 until her sudden resignation two years ago.
The post came after Demetrius Terry, who had been active in the New Jersey College Democrats, announced that he was switching his personal endorsement from Bob Menendez to Hugin.

Murphy appointee , Ms. Velazquez, formally an administrator for the Jersey City Board of Education, is now an aide to Governor Phil Murphy who is earning $60,000 annually. She’s also a founding member of the executive board for LUPE PAC, a well-known organization in N.J. politics which devotes its energies to electing “progressive Latinas.” went on a rampage calling all evangelicals ,liars child molesters , racist, drunks ,bigots on social media .

And that was only days after Michellene Davis vice-president and chief of corporate affairs with RWJBarnabas Health on Wednesday commented the following under a news article titled “Fair Lawn hires armed officers for all schools,” read: “Who is going to train them not to shoot black children first?!?”

And we saw much of this in the last council election in Ridgewood  ,where the Harwin campaign, which ran with its backers on anti catholic bigotry, anti  jamboree bigotry , and called everyone a NAZI how disagreed with them ,played the race card, sexist card and women card. 

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Democrats Continue Racist Binge

  1. UNTRUE!!!
    Don’t you know that it’s impossible for Democrats to be racist?
    Get with the program and fall in line.

  2. When all else fails, play the race card.
    Call anyone who disagrees with you a bigot or a homophobe or anti women
    That’s all the democrats have in their bag of tricks and it was exposed during the kavenaugh hearings
    They have no ideas and simply ar the anti-everything tent for single issue voters. And if they ever get control they will be socialist like Venezuela and Cuba because they want 100 percent control.
    What is REALLY RACIST is that democrats expect and demand every person who is not Caucasian to vote for them….or they are ostracized.

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