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September 10,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey Department of Education Teacher Evaluations for Ridgewood Schools.

New Jersey Teacher Evaluations 2015-2016

The database shows the number of teachers at each school who were rated ineffective, partially effective, effective and highly effective under the state’s teacher evaluation system. The state did not name the teachers or release their individual evaluations to protect their privacy.


Ridgewood High School   89 Effective 45 Highly Effective 134 total rated
Benjamin Franklin            36 Effective  20 Highly Effective 56 total rated
George Washington         36  Effective 19 Highly Effective 55 total rated  
Hawes                                 11Effective 18 Highly Effective 29 total rated
Ridge                                  25 Effective 9 Highly Effective    34 total rated
Somerville                        19Effective 13 Highly Effective 32 total rated
Travell                              10 Effective16 Highly Effective 26 total rated
Orchard                            18Effective 6  Highly Effective 24 total rated
Willard                              29Effective 4 Highly Effective 33 total rated