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New Jersey Policy Perspective Champions time to Raise and Expand State’s Sales Tax

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February 22,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, in another reason to leave the state , New Jersey Policy Perspective is championing returning the state sales tax rate to seven percent ,NJPP claims it could raise $600 million more for the state while having little impact on most residents.

The far left think tank New Jersey Policy Perspective is a group that also recommends , “A $15 Minimum Wage Would Help Over 1 Million Workers and Boost New Jersey’s Economy ” , “New Jersey Should Replicate ACA Penalty to Keep Coverage Affordable” , and our personal favorite “Why Unauthorized Immigrants Should Be Permitted to Drive Legally” .

Their website reads like a Christmas list of every New Jersey politician.

According to their website New Jersey Policy Perspective has never met a tax it didn’t like .

In the report on the proposal by NJ101.5, a senior policy analyst for New Jersey Policy Perspective said the tax rate cut adopted as part of the push to hike the state gas tax “was a gimmicky tax policy that no one asked for, and reversing it back to its original rate will largely go unnoticed.” But the move would have a big impact on the state’s finances, analyst Sheila Reynerston said in the radio station report.

NJPP also suggested the tax should be broadened to include accounting and bookkeeping, architects, attorney and engineer fees, among other things.

In the report, Reynerston said cutting spending alone won’t help New Jersey’s budget problems and that the state needs to consider ways to raise revenues. Interesting we have not herd anyone in New Jersey talk about cutting spending for over 40 years , thus the fiscal calamity the state now faces.

On the NJ101.5 Reynerston said , “Keep throwing things at the wall until something sticks. If it’s not the millionaires’ tax, then let’s revisit the estate tax. If it’s not the estate tax, let’s revisit the sales tax code,” she said in the radio station report.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Policy Perspective Champions time to Raise and Expand State’s Sales Tax

  1. A whole $600 more? Worth it!

  2. So the politicians can squander our money?
    Give me a break.
    Star government needs to learn to live within its means…

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