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New Jersey should get its own house in order

Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

RE : New Jersey should get its own house in order

this letter was also published NorthJersey 7:03 a.m. ET Dec. 15, 2017

In regard to the federal tax reform debate, it’s amazing to read the many letters to the editor justifying the deduction of local taxes because New Jersey gets so little back from the U.S. government in comparison to other states. New Jersey’s disgraceful local taxes have nothing to do with the federal government or with the actions of other states and everything to do with the reckless fiscal mismanagement brought about by elected officials of both parties.

We have a pension system that will never be solvent unless it undergoes major reform. We have a public educational system supported by billions of dollars in spending — much of which is siphoned off before it ever gets to the classroom, and thus resulting in a failure of education in our major cities. We have more than 500 municipalities with a duplication of services that’s unique to New Jersey. And we have government workers making salaries and benefits together with retirement packages that are out of control and continue to escalate.

Rather than looking to the federal government for a handout so New Jersey can continue its profligate spending, we should be demanding sound solutions to our fiscal mess from our elected leaders.

Philip Affuso


3 thoughts on “New Jersey should get its own house in order

  1. Speaking of Jersey, I saw a headline in US Today / The Record that Clever Cory Booker wants Trump to resign…that’s not a smart comment. They have Trump right where they want him. There’s no way the Republicans hold onto their majorities after next year’s mid-term elections. But if you bring Pence in now he may able to stop that negative momentum.

  2. “They have Trump right where they want him. ” Dream on.

  3. Right where we want to be, with much more to go. Get out of NJ, and other Blue states to get a sense of how excited people really are.
    $6 Trillion in added stock market value (80 records set since election)
    ISIS decimated and on the run, military being rebuilt
    Many fully qualified and reasonable Federal judges being seated, and more to come on Supreme court judges
    Trade deals drop that did not favor US
    Climate deal dropped that did nothing except cost money.
    The $26billion (thats right $26 Billion) required to support the DACA people is finally put to congress to decide.
    22 regulations eliminated for every 1 created
    Higher Immigration rules and vetting

    Taxes, Welfare, Immigration, Infrastructure, government size all to be tackled in the coming 7 years and beyond,

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