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New Jersey State Police Report Phone Scam

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

**Phone Scam Alert***

Ridgewood NJ, The New Jersey State Police is investigating a series of fraudulent phone calls (spoof calls) requesting Social Security numbers from private citizens.

The suspect(s) are using the legitimate phone number, 609-452-2601, for the New Jersey State Police Transportation Safety Bureau office and are posing as New Jersey State Troopers. During the calls, a man with a foreign accent will inform the victim that they are police officers with the New Jersey State Police. They attempt to frighten victims by claiming that they have received multiple complaints associated with their Social Security number.

The suspect(s) inform the victim that they have mailed police documents to their residence multiple times without receiving any response. They will have the full names and addresses of the victims they are calling and request further verification of their identity, specifically their Social Security number.

The New Jersey State Police will NEVER call you requesting personal information like your Security Number or your date of birth. We will NEVER threaten citizens with arrest if personal information or money is not provided. Spoofing technology allows a person to have a fraudulent number appear on the caller ID. In other words, the suspect may be calling you from another state or country, but have a local number displayed.

If you receive a suspicious call, hang up the phone and do not provide any personal information, and immediately call your local police department or State Police Station that services your area to report the incident. The fraudulent calls are currently under investigation, and there is no additional information available at this time.

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