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New Rescue Truck for Ridgewood Emergency Services

ridgewood emergency services

December 12,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Volunteers of Ridgewood Emergency Services have placed into service, a new Rescue Truck, replacing an aging vehicle that was not meeting the needs of the Department.

This Rescue Truck will be used to provide scene lighting, generator power, traffic control and rehabilitation at emergency scenes while supporting EMS, Police, and Fire Department operations in providing a safer environment for all responders to complete the mission at hand.

Ridgewood Emergency Services Chief Tony Lillo stated that “Deputy Chief Ryan Savaria and his committee spent countless hours in preparing what type of vehicle would best serve the Departments needs and that of the Village of Ridgewood.” The Rescue Truck was customized and built to specifications set by the committee.”

The chassis is a 2017 Ford F550 with a 5-seat crew cab crew and an 11-foot rescue body. There are slide out trays on each side for easy access to the equipment. A rear slide out tray provides for easy access for traffic incident management devices. The Rescue Truck has sufficient storage space for everything necessary to support an emergency scene. There is an onboard 8000-watt generator, telescoping LED flood lights to illuminate emergency scenes at night. Unique to this truck, is that it is the only Rescue Truck in Bergen County with a large rear roof mounted LED Variable Message Board for traffic direction, providing clear instruction to motorists. The Message Board aids in the safety of the responders on the scene.

25 thoughts on “New Rescue Truck for Ridgewood Emergency Services

  1. Wow that’s nice how much was that hundred grand

  2. This is a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

  3. I’d like to see a listing of all the emergency vehicles the village has along with ages compared to useful life. The 4th of July parade shows off millions of dollars worth of pretty much all brand new equipment from all over Bergen County. How much of this is really needed or is this an example of buying better toys?

  4. It’s time for Bergen County towns to consolidate we are wasting way too much money every municipality does not need all these trucks I can understand real big town’s Paramus Ridgewood Mahwah this is never going to stop. Like we all been saying in the next five years forget about Staying around here no wonder people are moving out because of the taxes. We understand services we get it but come on

  5. license to steal for a possible 100 year event…case of other peoples money…

  6. Loaded to the gills with every option other people’s money can buy…9:48 is correct..

  7. If you really want to save money, downsize your career fire department you pay to sleep. Talk about wasting taxpayer money…

  8. NFN but if it doesn’t include a digital satellite uplink, a 20 foot catering table with propane supply, and a wraparound news ticker display banner, then don’t send it round to this anonymous’ house during a health emergency. The fake news press interest would be too overwhelming. Go big, baby!

  9. Ummm Who knows, apparently you don’t know much considering your dumb comment.

  10. As soon as possible, I would lie to read a detailed, clear description of a Ridgewood emergency plan for the next major blackout or other natural disaster. Now more than five years since Sandy. What I don’t want is to be told to check the village website when I haven’t had power for a week. Not everybody uses a smartphone with internet service, either. No power, no internet.

  11. Whatever it cost it’s worth it. These people are volunteers and deserve good equipment.
    For all you assholes who complain, go back to Brooklyn

  12. To 742You’re such a stupid comment. I know they volunteer doesn’t mean they need a Cadillac with all the shit. What are you go back to Patterson

  13. We could use that money to hire more fireman

  14. “What are you go back to Patterson” Huh?

  15. Thanks current Boyd loving wanna be 7:42.
    Mr. Savaria is another connected leach attached to the teet that is Ridgewood municipal government. ( his brother is a former cop)
    This vehicle you Ridgewood dolts cost you $155 thousand dollars.
    Be sure to check out the generator at the 4th of July fireworks because that’s the only time it’s going to get used. I did notice them testing the sign the other day up at the train station while I was going to work. It said “4th quarter taxes due in one hour you hoser”. What’s up with that?

  16. Hahaha. Who cares

  17. Anyone know what emergency services budget is or is that a secret, like parking fund.

  18. Double up on your med 10:21.

  19. Nice and Slow you see!

  20. Was that really necessary to spend that kind of money on a new truck what was wrong with the old truck how many miles was on it could’ve good been repaired. We all wonder why

  21. I hope it came with a snowplow for that amount

  22. Most of our neighboring towns have volunteer staff. We don’t have many–which is great for our insurance bills. The volunteers have a huge fundraising, which requires tons of time and money. They save for years and then buy a truck. I’m not saying that Ridgewood does not need a truck like this. I’m saying volunteer departments keep a much closer eye on their money. Ridgewood also has fundraisers. What does the money go to pay for. (I know the volunteer emergency services use their money for expenses.)

  23. Stop fooling yourself with the price comparison 2:38 because it makes absolutely NO difference what so ever.
    What’s the point of your perceived insurance savings if your paying out 25 times that amount in salary and benefits and pension payouts???
    Your kidding me right?
    Your mindset is one of the primary reasons this bullshit continues at Village Hall. WAKE UP.
    Neighboring towns do 10 times more with 80 percent less expense utilizing volunteers. Paramus ring a bell? We don’t have many volunteers?
    Really? Why is that? Because the over paid FD is protecting their golden cow. THEY DONT WANT VOLUNTEERS and they purposely keep it that way.

  24. Hey Anonymous December 14, 2017 at 7:41 pm,

    Are you a volunteer….I bet not YOU are NOT! Funny, you want everyone else to step up and volunteer so you can save a few dollars on your property taxes.
    Tell me…. why aren’t you a volunteer? I bet I know the answer to that question, because you think it’s beneath you to volunteer. Its sanctimonious jerks like you who complain about your property taxes and expect others to give up their family time so you can benefit… make me sick!
    The Fire Department welcomes volunteers. You would know that if you submitted and application to volunteer. The only one around here that’s overpaid is you! I would love to meet you and set you straight, but your way to big a coward for that I am sure.

  25. 7:41 pm said

    “We don’t have many volunteers?
    Really? Why is that? Because the over paid FD is protecting their golden cow. THEY DONT WANT VOLUNTEERS and they purposely keep it that way.”

    Either your completely ignorant about the Fire Department or you are bold face lier!

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