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New SARPD chief wants greater bond with community


By Kevin Kunzmann
Pocono Record Writer

The floor of John Ward’s office is littered with boxes of medals, plaques, framed certificates and memorabilia. Ward is nearly one full month into his tenure as Stroud Area Regional Police, and he’s still not sure what from his 36 years of work should hang on the walls of his corner office.

The hope for the former police chief of Ridgewood, New Jersey, is that he could cover the walls with his work in the Poconos.

Ward was announced as the new SARPD chief in late September, ending a half-year long absence from the position after William Parrish took the position of campus police chief at East Stroudsburg University. Ward was put through an interview process with four different groups — members of the police commission, community leaders, local officials and current SARP staff.

6 thoughts on “New SARPD chief wants greater bond with community

  1. Get some cops on the beat!
    The only time I see a RPO outside of a patrol car is when they are directing traffic for pseg…

  2. 11:07 – interesting point….every time I drive down Rock Road in between the RR tracks there’s a cop walking the sidewalk. Not a bad idea.

  3. He doesn’t work for Ridgewood anymore.

  4. No he dosen’t work for Ridgewood any longer…now, like all good Union lackeys he’s collecting a taxpayer funded pension funded by the ABSURED taxes you pay in Ridgewood. And to top that off your going to pay 37 cents more for a gallon of gasoline starting tomorrow to subsidize the rest of the union ilk just like Ward who have been raking you across the coals for years. Fixing the roads? Yea right. Another load of bullshit.

  5. Very angry person 7:53. You should get some help for that.

  6. Angry but spot on…
    8:44 is obviously a taker on some public pension.
    Prove me wrong.

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