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NJ Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rudy Rullo: Illegal immigration destroyed the Landscaping industry

Joseph Rudy Rullo,

February 17,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to NJ Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rudy Rullo Illegal immigration destroyed the Landscaping industry for legal businesses following the laws, and is just as devastating to NJ jobs. It’s dificult to compete with a business not paying payroll taxes, employee comp, and not following the same rules. All the jobs lost are directly proportional to NJ unemployment. Just ask business owners following the rules. Ask the employees unemployed or underemployed. Imagine the losses to employee comp insurance revenue and state income taxes. The impact on rates for businesses following the law!

Many illegal immigrants are now running businesses themselves with illegal employees charging less than half of what a job is worth. This summer I couldn’t do a job for cost what an illegal competitor was charging. One of these illegal business owners drives around with a fraudulent license from Mexico with a New Jersey address. He built his business stealing accounts from his former employer for 10 plus years who also used illegal immigrants. The company was fined 13k for failing to have a home improvement license last year. The courts are buried in old warrants from illegal immigrants who never show up to court. They don’t exist.

Our police are overburdened with hands virtually tied because NJ is a sanctuary state. Out of state license plates and DMV fraud are the law of the land. As Governor I will implement E- Verify for all employees working in New Jersey and work with President Donald Trump to eliminate sanctuary cities across NJ. Everyone must follow the same rules in business and follow the law. Our veterans will of NJ will be first priority in NJ hospitals not illegal immigrants. ( )

NJ needs an outsider candidate like Joseph Rudy Rullo. Straight forward, honest and not afraid to stand up to the politician as usual. NJ has been rooked for too many years. Time for a different approach.

9 thoughts on “NJ Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rudy Rullo: Illegal immigration destroyed the Landscaping industry

  1. Undocumented immigrants do take jobs that other able bodies people do not want but what Rullo says is absolutely true. A carpenter friend had to give up because he just could not compete with others who used the “day labor” force. Those who employ undocumented and don’t pay taxes, worker comp. insurance are the ones who need to be targeted. They also often exploit the undocumented by not paying them and often perform work that would be considered unsafe and in unsafe conditions. There has to be a pathway to citizenship that those who do come here for a better life and work hard can pursue but it should also involve some type of restitution as those who do immigrate here legally have to meet some rigorous requirements. Think of how much you would pay yourself to cut your lawn, trim your trees, weed your garden or clean your house … what is that labor truly worth? Cheap labor always comes at someone’s expense.

  2. He better have a better platform than that. I like not paying a lot for my landscaping.

  3. yes its great to take advantage of people with no skills and get them to work for nothing with no insurance

  4. @9.01: I like paying little for my landscaping too but what I’ve come to realize is that non English speaking illegals do a very poor job. You get what you pay for. I have solved this by doing all landscaping by myself.
    Rullo says all the right things but chances for a Republican to win are minimal. If a village like Ridgewood is predominantly liberal I can only imagine what the rest of NJ is. NJ is a smaller NY.
    With regards to illegals path to legal status, the first and foremost test should be English. They have to demonstrate they speak English and not just counting to 10. And they should also pay a huge fine for all the years they have been here illegally and not paying taxes and taking jobs away from american citizens.

  5. AT 6% unemployment in NJ, I don’t believe there are many documented immigrants or native born Americans willing to do landscaping, even with competitive pay and benefits. It’s seasonal work for most anyway.

    Fifty years ago, kids would cut their neighbors lawn for a few bucks. When was the last time a kid knocked on your door and offered to cut your lawn or shovel your snow? If even kids aren’t interested, I don’t think there is much demand for seasonal work among able bodied adults

  6. Umm, he needs to get in touch with people that own landscaping businesses. My dad owned a company for YEARS, and in the 1990s, he could not hire a local kid to work summers or winter breaks if his life depended on it. When he asked our neighbor if he wanted a summer job, he said “What for? My parents pay for my car and I get $30 a week. I’m not working that hard for minimum wage.” And that became the response of most kids. So, really, he had no choice. He was forced to find help. These guys were great workers, honest guys, just trying to make money in the land of opportunity. So, it sounds like maybe Mr. Rullo should try to place an ad to hiring a landscaper, and see how many kids in Bergen County with college degrees apply. He needs a total reality check. I speak from experience – he is speaking from what sounds like an ignorant Trump platform. Never have my vote, and I’m a registered Republican. Ignorance is never blissful.

  7. Jesus…why they lier to the people. ..lie wins in the moment but…in the last people knows the true…why always punishment poor people…people less have…jesus.christ… i don’t believe in that..why don’t look it at rich mr president..haa because you don’t have power over them…so ok lest to look at it poor people..because always they are blame…for houndres ayears…yes right…i think people open his eyes…and see the true….

  8. I can’t believe the comments. How can any state be a sanctuary for a law breaker? Are you able to break the law and find a state that will put you up, protect you, give you benifits and welfare if need be and keep you safe from the consequence of the law you broke? It’s crazy!

  9. How about he go after all the greedy business owners that hire the undocumented workers so they can make more money. If there were no jobs for the illegals then they wouldn’t be here.

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