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NJ Senator Cory “I am Spartacus” Booker will be the keynote speaker for the 2018 Iowa Democratic Party Fall Gala

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Ridgewood NJ, On October 6th, Iowa Democrats will welcome NJ Senator Cory “I am Spartacus”  Booker as the keynote speaker for the 2018 Iowa Democratic Party Fall Gala. Senator Booker will be joined by Fred Hubbell, Rita Hart, and the 2018 Democratic slate of candidates.

“Iowa Democrats are thrilled to welcome Senator Booker as we celebrate the hard work of our Democracy already done over the last year and kick off the last month of the 2018 election,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price.

“Senator Booker represents a future-driven vision for our party and our nation that has inspired millions. As we head in to the most grueling weeks of this cycle, we hope that his message will be the fuel Iowa Democrats need to put our candidates over the top in November.”

Well over the top maybe , Senator  Booker managed to make headlines by claiming to flout Senate rules in an attempt to stall Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

Booker … released emails — which had been designated as “committee confidential” — that reference Kavanaugh’s position on racial profiling and thoughts on Roe v. Wade dating from his time as a White House official under Bush.

Booker, who as a potential 2020 presidential candidate had an incentive to make a splash in the hearing, said he took the action as an act of “civil disobedience.”

“I understand the penalty comes with potential ousting from the Senate. … I openly invite and accept the consequences of my team releasing that email right now,” Booker said.

The absurdly self-glorifying Booker proclaimed that this was an “I am Spartacus” moment. But then,

Bill Burck, a lawyer who oversaw the process of providing Bush administration documents, undercut Booker’s grand gesture, saying that the material in question had been cleared on Wednesday night at the request of the senator’s staff.

“We were surprised to learn about Senator Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly. In fact, we have said yes to every request made by the Senate Democrats to make documents public,” Burck said in a statement.

Have the ensuing cascades of laughter chastised Booker into behaving at least as maturely as a member of junior high student council? Not likely:

Fresh off this embarrassment on Thursday afternoon Senator Booker tweeted out more confidential documents, ostensibly to show his commitment to rule breaking.

As for the bombshell information included in these documents, we learn that Kavanaugh generally favors “effective security measures that are race-neutral.”


5 thoughts on “NJ Senator Cory “I am Spartacus” Booker will be the keynote speaker for the 2018 Iowa Democratic Party Fall Gala

  1. A man’s gotta know his limitations.

  2. Retardicus

  3. It’s time for another one of those stage-managed running-into-a-burning-building events.

  4. The joke is on us because we elected him.
    And the other Senator that is a crook.

  5. I grew up in Harrington Park. No one cared about Cory. However everyone liked his older brother, Cary.

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