Tuesday, February 28, 2017 05:51PM
A New Jersey college gave students a new way to learn about the world around them, but it was not for those with a weak appetite.

Aleena Andrews was among hundreds of students and staff at the College of New Jersey who tasted crickets for the first time Tuesday.

“Kind of crunchy and I think that one was sour cream flavored, so, yeah, like potato chips,” Andrews said.

Students’ opinions were mixed.

“You could like feel the legs and the head as you crunch it so it wasn’t very pleasant for me,” student Eric Beyer said.

“The flavor is not off-putting, I must admit. It’s actually pretty good. It’s like eating popcorn,” student Claudio Bizaro said.

The crickets were part of the college’s “Tasting the Tree of Life” event, a fun and filling way to understand biodiversity and how it relates to food.

“We eat everything from animals to plants to fungi,” Plant Evolutionary Biologist Wendy Clement said.

And each of the 149 different items on the menu reflected that.