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>NJ Tea Party Coalition : Announcement of 12/15 Rally to DC

New Jersey Patriots Are Taking their Voices to DC Again!

We are taking it to the “buses” on December 15th once again to provide our Senators the visual aid they need to understand clearly that we do not want this Healthcare bill on our backs or the backs of our children or grandchildren. We cannot afford, nor will we tolerate, another power grab by Congress to rule over our very own bodies and force upon us unconstitutional actions to compel us to buy or subsidize government healthcare in any shape or form.

We plan to have a minimum of three buses and we need you all to fill those buses.
Americans for Prosperity and Tea Party Patriots are also going to DC that day so we will be joined by patriots on all sides and we will support their efforts as well! The Agenda at the Capitol is still being formulated.

We cannot make this event successful without you and we need each and every one of you to come and bring another person with you.

Yes, it is the holiday season, but George Washington didn’t let Christmas Eve get in his way and we will not let anything get in our way now when we are so close to forcing this bill down to the grave where it belongs! We are committed and we will not be stopped!

In order to keep the costs down due to the holidays, we are only asking for $35 per person and if you find that you cannot afford to come with us, let us know and we’ll see if another patriot will “sponsor” you by buying another seat and donating it to the cause.

You have made the effort to Rally in Washington on September 12 & November 5 …we cannot leave this fight now…..we must continue in our mission to push and demonstrate to our senators that we will not sit by idly and let them thrust this upon us.

The buses will leave from Graydon Parking lot in Ridgewood NJ at the cross of Linwood Avenue and Northern Parkway. This is the same parking lot we used on November 5 and there is plenty of parking and it is without cost.

Sign up for your seat(s) by emailing: Michele at
Give your name, address, email address and cell number and the number of people in your group. Mail your check for $35 per seat to Michele at PO Box 45, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 right away.

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