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What Happened to the Beepocalypse?

In 2006 bees started disappearing. Beekeepers reported to losing up to 90% of their beehives. And no one knew why. Nearly every news outlet raised the alarm, warning of an imminent beepocalypse that would devastate our food supply. But while alarm bells rang, things turned around. And bee colonies are now at a 20 year high. How did we get the beepocalypse so… wrong?

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National Pollinator Week – Village of Ridgewood – Bee City USA

photo courtesy of Village Council

June 14,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, once again the Village of Ridgewood became a “Bee City ” . At last nights Village Council meeting the council read  a proclamation proclaiming the third week of June as , national Pollinator Week .

Bee City USA fosters ongoing dialogue in urban areas to raise awareness of the role pollinators play in our communities and what each of us can do to provide them with healthy habitat.

The Bee City USA program endorses a set of commitments, defined in a resolution, for creating sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet.