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What Happened to the Beepocalypse?

In 2006 bees started disappearing. Beekeepers reported to losing up to 90% of their beehives. And no one knew why. Nearly every news outlet raised the alarm, warning of an imminent beepocalypse that would devastate our food supply. But while alarm bells rang, things turned around. And bee colonies are now at a 20 year high. How did we get the beepocalypse so… wrong?

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Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee hosts the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association



Saturday, February 13th; 10am to 12:30pm, The Stable, 259  North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood

Backtard Beekeepping – Presented by the Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association, this introductory program is for those interested in keeping honey been and wanting to learn the very basics of this hand-on hobby.   INcluded with be discussion on equipment and supplies, the care and handling of bees, clothing, colony health, costs involved and where to go for resources, support and learn more…

Sponsored by Ridgewood Environmental  Advisory Committee – REAC