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Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office warns of “diversion burglaries “

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office warns of “diversion burglaries ” .A diversion burglary is a specific type of theft that involves one or more suspects portraying themselves as public utility workers, inspectors, or officials of some kind who need to enter your home under the pretense that they are there to help.

They aren’t there to help. In fact, they are hoping you won’t ask too many questions or verify their identity. They are hoping you’ll simply allow these strangers into your home so they can distract you a while.

As one of the bogus utility workers keeps you busy in one room or on the front steps of your home, the other will wander off to steal jewelry, money, or other valuables inside.

Don’t fall for these con artists. Always be wary of strangers dropping by.

Ask for identification and keep them waiting outside while you call your local police to verify. Don’t permit unknown visitors into your home. Keep in mind the diversion style burglary method next time your doorbell rings.