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Did not the state of NJ PBA Endorse all Democrats ?

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, A statement from the New Jersey State Police in response to the recent Fox News story called “Conference featuring 2020 Dems begins with fiery chant quoting fugitive cop-killer Assata Shakur”

Ridgewood even hosted a group that promoted cop killer Joanne Chesimard.

“It is an affront to every man and woman who wears the badge that someone would choose to evoke the words of a convicted cop killer and fugitive from justice at a political conference. The men and women of the New Jersey State Police will never forget the sacrifice made by Trooper Werner Foerster on May 2, 1973 nor will we forget that the person convicted of his murder remains a fugitive for nearly 40 years. We will remain steadfast, both in the pursuit of Joanne Chesimard and in the preservation of the memory of Trooper Werner Foerster, Badge #2608.”

“Gone but never forgotten.”

– Colonel Patrick Callahan, New Jersey State Police

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Republicans blast Democrats for soaking residents with ‘rain tax’


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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

TRENTON  NJ,  New Jerseyans are inundated with taxes, some of which are among the highest in the country, and now they could be taxed based on how much it rains.  Republicans blasted Democrats for considering the proposal (S1073 : Authorizes municipalities, counties, and certain authorities to establish stormwater utilities) at an Assembly session Thursday.

Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips was strongly opposed to raising taxes on people based on the weather.  He also took issue with how financially irresponsible the bill is, allowing unlimited bonding and ever-more debt on the backs of property-tax payers.

“The last thing this state needs is more debt and another runaway tax.  Especially one that taxes the weather,” said DePhillips (R-Bergen).  “I implore my colleagues on the other side of the aisle: let’s not do this, let’s vote down this bill together, let’s vote no and consider financially responsible alternatives to this legislation.”

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In the Wake of Federal Indictment Paramus GOP Call On Democrats To Return Any Daibes Donations

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PARAMUS NJ,  In the wake of the indictment of high-density developer Fred Daibes, the Paramus Republican team of Jeanne Weber for Mayor, Jorge Quintana and Mohammed Reda for Council call on Mayor Labarbiera and the Paramus Democrats to return any and all donations from Mr. Daibes.

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Reader says ,When all else fails, play the race card

When all else fails, play the race card.
Call anyone who disagrees with you a bigot or a homophobe or anti women
That’s all the democrats have in their bag of tricks and it was exposed during the kavenaugh hearings
They have no ideas and simply ar the anti-everything tent for single issue voters. And if they ever get control they will be socialist like Venezuela and Cuba because they want 100 percent control.
What is REALLY RACIST is that democrats expect and demand every person who is not Caucasian to vote for them….or they are ostracized.

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New Jersey Democrats Continue Racist Binge

the staff the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, ever since the Democrat sheriff of Bergen County, N.J., and four of his senior officers resigned , one day after a recording surfaced of the sheriff making virulently racist comments to his staff. Sheriff Michael Saudino could be heard bad-mouthing African Americans, the state’s Sikh attorney general, and Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver in comments recorded in January. The recording, which documented Saudino grousing about Gov. Murphy’s inauguration speech, was released Thursday by WNYC.

Its seems the Democrat party in New Jersey has been on a Racist binge :

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Bergen Judge Orders Former East Rutherford Republican off the Democratic Ballot

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

East Rutherford NJ, The Record newspaper reported on Friday, September 28, 2018 that East Rutherford Councilman Jeffrey Lahullier will not be allowed on November’s ballot, and local Democrats will have only one candidate for two open council seats this election.

A Superior Court judge ruled Friday in favor of Republican council candidate Joel Brizzi in his suit against Lahullier, the Bergen County Clerk and the East Rutherford Democratic County Committee to block the incumbent’s candidacy.

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Bergenfield Mayor and Bergen County Executive Candidate Norman Schmelz Says Other Bergen County Officials Did Nothing During Saudino’s Tiraid

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Bergenfield NJ, In a statement Bergenfield Mayor and Bergen County Executive Candidate Norman Schmelz said , “Michael Saudino’s resignation is a step in the right direction for residents of Bergen County and New Jersey. Unfortunately his derogatory and offensive statements concerning women and minorities were already something that was reported in the public sphere and press many times as of late, and many of those who clamored for his resignation in the past few days had no hesitation accepting his support over the past few months. None of his co-partners in Bergen County government seemed shocked at the veracity of his statements, only by its contents; it is a stain on our county that County Executive Jim Tedesco did nothing while all of this hate was spewing and stood by the disgraced Sheriff. Tedesco’s actions may be worse than Saudino. Saudino may not know better, Tedesco does.”

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NJ Attorney General’s Office to Launch Probe of Bergen County Sheriff’s Department


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ,  Sheriff Saudino’s resignation is an important first step in repairing the relationship between the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office and the diverse communities it serves.

Under state law, the Governor has the power to fill the vacancy left by the Sheriff’s resignation. That appointment will be subject to the advice and consent of the state senate. In the interim, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office will oversee day-to-day management of the Sheriff’s Office, with Chief Kevin Pell serving as the officer-in-charge of the department’s operations.

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Reader says Saudinio was a “greedy, bigoted, snobby, self-styled elitist “


For Saudinio, as a prominant Caucasian, to be as comfortable as he is in singling out and speaking down to, quote-unquote, “the blacks”. For Saudino to allow the natural independence afforded by his unique pre-constituional office to lead his tongue publicly to suggest that the new AG’s minority religion and concomitant garb (the turban) are the reasons he was elevated to that office by the new Governor. For Saudino to go further and give himself license to take a cheap shot another’s moral shortcomings (another officeholder’s apparent problems with same-sex attraction). These all mark Saudino as a self-satisfied majoritarian jerk. Saudino has already proudly shown himself to be without any identifiable political principles by switching midstream to the Democrat party, which, as everyone knows, only really cares about one thing–political power. Finally, his attention to self-interest is unsurpassed among state officeholders in New Jersey. NOTHING was going to interrupt the master bed-feathering class Saudino’s been teaching lo these many years.
What a greedy, bigoted, snobby, self-styled elitist this guy is–right at home, one might add, with his new friends. Let it be said without fear of contradiction: “Saudino and the Democrats: Perfect Together.”

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Harwin Spent Over $40K in her Failed Village Council Bid

August 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to the final report Alexandra Harwin submitted to the NJ State Election Law Enforcement Commission, she spent $40,135 on her campaign.

Check out the listing of donors.  Quite an eye opener.

Ridgewood residents who made cash donations identified on official reports were:

Halaby, Rurik – $800

Pollock, Michael – $396

Vagianos, Paul – $500

Weitz, Evan – $500

Wilday, Gabriella – $500

Winograd, Siobhan – $500