Ridgewood Education Association and Board of Education Face off in New Contract Negotiations

September 4th 2016
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Ridgewood NJ, Students return to school on Tuesday and as the new school year begins the Ridgewood Education Association members are still working without a contract. The Ridgewood Education Association is looking for the public’s support to settle their contract dispute with the school board which up till […]

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Ridgewood Schools Invites all to Coffee and Conversation

September 2,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, SAVE THE DATES FOR COFFEE WITH THE BOE AND DAN FISHBEIN: Coffee and Conversation Dates Are Announced

The Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Daniel Fishbein will host residents for coffee and casual conversation on three separate occasions this school year.

The first date for Coffee and Conversation is […]

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Reader says No More Kicking the Can down the Road for the Ridgewood School Board

Will the kicking of the can continue with the Teachers contract??? Now is the time to stop this nonsense!!

Let’s hope we can at least put a dent in the can! One would think the REA has gotten the message by now. It would appear that most of Ridgewood (excluding the teachers who actually live in town) […]

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Ridgewood Schools Prep For Back to School

Annual Re-registration is Underway
The annual online Skyward re-registration is open. Parents and guardians, to update your information, please log on to Skyward Family Access via the district website at Click here for details.

School Starts on September 6
Students will return to school on Tuesday, September 6 (minimum day schedule). Opening Day for teachers and support staff […]

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Reader say Hold The Line Ridgewood Board of Education

I sincerely hope our Board of Education can remain strong against these union boss Thugs. ( I hate to say it because many teachers don’t want to picket and would be happy to sign what is offered. Their top officers have nothing better to do than prove how superior they are to other leaders and […]

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Reader says Ridgewood Teachers Kids and Parents Hostage

Our teachers are behaving disgracefully. And, you know if and when a K is reached they will argue for retroactive raises for the period of time they have been working without one. Yes, it is to their advantage to continue this way and hold the HS kids/parents as hostage. Really wish they would all move […]

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Ridgewood Board of Education Meeting Tonight August 29th 5pm

BOE-REA Negotiations

Click here to read an updated statement on REA – BOE contract negotiations, issued by the Ridgewood Board of Education on July 22, 2016.

Click here to read a prepared statement by the Ridgewood Board of Education, which was read at the Board’s Regular Public Meeting on July 18, 2016.

Click here to view the powerpoint […]

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Ridgewood teachers supported Obamacare and now they want taxpayers to pay for more of the annual “platinum” health benefit premiums?

These teachers supported Obamacare and now they want taxpayers to pay for more of the annual “platinum” health benefit premiums? Maybe the teachers should read today’s WSJ article looking at growth in middle-class families’ share of overall healthcare spending, which is growing larger, and squeezing households already feeling stretched financially. The article notes that by […]

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Ridgewood trustees, teachers remain at odds as school year looms


RIDGEWOOD — The failure of a state-appointed super-conciliator to resolve a 19-month-long labor dispute between the Board of Education and district teachers union has left local officials and union heads considering their next move.

Disagreements over several issues — including salaries, proposed changes in the union insurance plan and how much […]

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NJ Monthly rankings for 2016 – Ridgewood Schools are not in top 30

August 27,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, NJ Monthly rankings for 2016 – Ridgewood isn’t in top 30 – Why the hell should we pay these teachers more money?

Reader says ,” High school teachers are now unaccountably sabotaging their own students’ grades. As in, the grades of every student in the class. This has been […]

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